Raising Future Entrepreneurs in the City

Mar 6, 2020

Got a kid who loves to explore and experiment? Start here.


One of the best parts about raising children in New York? Access to every type of class imaginable. If your kid wants to be a ballerina, there’s a program available. If they want to be a chef, you can sign them up for a kiddie cooking course. But what if you’re interested in enhancing your child’s entrepreneurial spirit? Well, there are resources for that, too. Here are some of the best ones.


Lemonade Day

Founded by Michael Holthouse, Lemonade Day is a one-day event meant to expose children aged four up to high school students to entrepreneurship. Basically, children create a business plan, set a budget, financial goals, expenses, etc. to run a lemonade stand for a single day. The program happens in over 60 locations, including New York, in the summer, and your kids can share the results of their business.


Bossgirls Entrepreneurship Camp

Geared toward high school girls and non-binary individuals, the Bossgirls Entrepreneurship Camp is a six-week program designed to introduce the world of entrepreneurship. Students meet Monday through Thursday and learn how to run a business while working on a personal startup idea. At the end of the program, they pitch an idea in a “Shark Tank” style event and compete for prizes. Of course, they also walk away with skills to complement any resume.



WeGrow is not just a one-off program, but rather an entire school for children starting at age two. While the comprehensive curriculum includes things like reading, activity outdoors, and yoga, they also have the Conscious Creators program. That’s where leading creators in their respective fields come in to regularly talk to children about various businesses and industries as well as provide one-on-one mentorships. What better way to help them think outside the box?


WIT: Whatever It Takes

WIT: Whatever It Takes is a non-profit program founded in San Diego that is now offered to high schoolers in New York. How does it work? Well, the month-long extracurricular classes involve launching a social enterprise startup. Participants must compete for funding from local investors to make their entrepreneurial vision come true. Bonus: they get transferable college credit from the University of California-San Diego.



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