7 Ways to Destress in the Suburbs

Aug 6, 2019

There are tons of amazing ways to get your calm on when you’re living in suburbia.


Life is so much more zen in the burbs than it was living in the city, but stress can still follow us everywhere we go. The good news is that there are some great and unique opportunities to relax once you’re out of the city. Here are some of the best ways to decompress and live and get back to your calm-self again in the suburbs:

#1. Nature Walks

The grass, tall trees and beautiful parks are the biggest reason you left the city, so take advantage of their healing ways. Taking a nice 20-minute walk down a nature path is one of the best ways to get back to your center and feel good. Plus, it’s easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

#2. Long Drives

Driving can be a drag if you’re stuck in traffic in a big city, but when you hit a nice open road in the country, everything feels right. Blast your favorite music, sit back and enjoy a nice ride when you need to decompress, even if you’re just driving to a supermarket in another town


#3. Spacious Market Visits

It’s hard to know why, but shopping for food is therapy for me. You might enjoy shopping for other fun items though. Either way, the markets and stores are nice and spacious out in the burbs, which makes shop therapy even more satisfying.

#4. Home Alone

The beautiful home you purchased because you wanted to get out of your claustrophobic apartment in the city is sometimes all you need to chill out. The only small issue: You need to kick out everyone you love and spend some alone time to enjoy all its beauty! Find a time when the family is out, and spend a little time at home doing all your favorite things: playing music, taking a spa bath, having some rose, and watching the shows you (and no one else) loves.

#5. Moms Night Out

Suburban moms know how to have a good time. We find our best restaurants, bars and call in all the girls we love for some memorable evenings out. When we’re stressed from issues at home and work, scheduling one of our moms night out evenings can make all your anxiety go away!

#6. Country Spa and Work Out

Of course, you can always go to your favorite spa that is even deeper in the country or work out. I recently started doing Bikram Yoga again, where you sweat it all out. I couldn’t handle this work out in the crowded city, but for some reason, it works for me out in the burbs.

#7. Hobby it Up

Hopefully, you’ve set up your suburban schedule so that you have some quality me-time each week. And if not, schedules are meant to be changed! Take time each week to spend time on hobbies you love. Maybe that’s knitting, painting, writing or baking or fixing cars?! Anything is possible.

If all else fails, just walk outside your home, take in the quiet and serenity of the suburbs, breath deeply and be thankful you live the perfect distance away from the city. That’s right, those really stressful days are over!

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