Simple, family-friendly holiday decorating tips and tricks​

Dec 9, 2014

Whether your family goes over-the-top decorating for the holidays or if you’ve never strung a light in your entire life, moving to the ‘burbs often means giving some serious thought to outdoor décor—and we’re talking about much more space than your 6’ terrace. That could mean traditional decorating—bright, sparkling lights, candles and winter decorations—or even some simple cold weather-friendly landscaping, door hangings and indoor/outdoor lighting to keep your house looking lively and inviting. And, no matter what direction you go, it doesn’t have to be labor-intensive or costly. Here are some simple outdoor decorating tips for your first suburban winter:

Go with a classic wreath. These are favorites for a reason—they’re perfectly seasonal and can be themed to Christmas (if you celebrate) or not. Add a touch of your family’s personality by layering in something fun, like a pair of hanging ice skates, a bright bow or some favorite (sturdy!) ornaments.
Not into a wreath? A door garland wraps around the frame of your door and adds an instant seasonal pop that’s timeless, elegant and festive.
Integrate simple landscaping touches into existing shrubbery or potted plants. Stick an oversized outdoor candy cane, ornament or other all-weather stake or wire sculpture piece in the dirt and voila!
Spheres of grapevines can be picked up at any craft store or landscaping center. Add a layer of white lights and pop into birdbaths, planters or on your front porch steps for an instant seasonal glow.
Got an old wooden sled? Give it a quick once-over with thick red ribbon, garland, tree branches and lights, then anchor to your porch for a fun, family-friendly décor piece.
Those old urns flanking the door? Breathe new life into them with festive holiday floral arrangements (real or even fake—we won’t tell!). Faux boxwoods are a great, inexpensive choice, and can be decorating with lights, ribbon or left as is.
Candles can’t stand up to the snow, wind and rain—but outdoor battery powered pillars can! Stock up on some red, green and white outdoor pillars in a variety of shapes and sizes, and group for an elegant, upscale and lively look on your porch or walkway.

The holidays are almost here—and with these simple tips and tricks you’ll be ready in no time.

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