6 Fun Ways to Explore the Suburbs Right Now

Sep 20, 2020

With more and more communities opening up again, now is a great time to explore the suburbs…safely.


As more and more areas continue to open up, it’s getting easier to get a true taste for the ‘burbs—safely. Now instead of just caravaning through communities, you and your family can actually get out, walk around and dig into towns on your must-see list.


Here’s where to start…


#1. Grab a cup of coffee and hang outside

Restaurants are increasingly open for outdoor dining—and you know there’s nothing better than snagging a table outside on a beautiful weekend afternoon.


Start your town tour with breakfast al fresco—you’ll likely have fewer locals competing for tables so you and your crew can relax and take in the AM vibe. Breakfast is also a great time to strike up a conversation with fellow coffee-goers who, like you, are excited to be out and about.


#2. Head to the farmers market

The majority of local farmers’ markets are open for business—though be sure you check with your Strategist or take a peek online to confirm any planning or scheduling you’ll need to do in advance. Many markets require advanced “reservations” or require you to bring your own bags. And all require masks, so be sure to pack yours.


Many avid shoppers actually see these changes as a plus: when you book a time slot at the farmers’ market, for example, you’re confirmed—and because markets are limiting shoppers throughout the day, you know when you arrive you won’t be elbow-to-elbow. You can calmly browse, chat with local vendors and pick up some amazing area eats before your next stop.


#3. Plan a park picnic

After grabbing some goodies at the farmers market, head to a local park or beach for a quick stroll and picnic. Almost all beaches and parks are open—spread out your blanket (even if it’s too cold to swim…), do a quick check-in with the family and jot down any questions you have about the town so far.


#4. Look for some active pursuits

While most team sports are on hold, it doesn’t mean local fields and outdoor courts are off-limits—in fact, many are re-starting with summer sessions and mini camps.


During your tour, be sure to swing by soccer fields, playgrounds, baseball fields, tennis courts, tracks and hiking or biking trails, and see what you can see. Many city families are looking for active, outdoor communities, and it’s much easier to get a taste right now than it was even a few weeks ago.


#5. Do the drive

No two towns are the same—so be sure you’re also spending some time driving around to get a feel for the community. Ask your Strategist to help coordinate a drive-behind town tour with a local Suburban Jungle agent. They’ll guide you through the town and help you get a real taste for the community.


During your drive, expect to pass through the downtown, by local schools, parks and playgrounds, sports fields, farmers’ markets and other must-sees. Your Suburban Jungle agent will also be able to guide you through the different neighborhoods in a town, helping you better refine your search.


If you’ve already been on a town tour, you can also do a quick “recap” yourself—be sure to spend some time driving or walking around hotspots or specific neighborhoods. This will help you get a better feel for a town and see if it could be the right fit long-term.


#6. Cap it off with a cone

At the end of your tour, swing by a local ice cream shop, bakery or cafe and snag a sweet treat before heading back home. If there’s outdoor seating, great. If there’s a downtown area to explore, cone in hand, even better!


Together, these six must-do’s will help you explore suburbia right now. The goal? Get an insider’s look at what living in a town is really like so you can determine the perfect place to call “home.”


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