Suburban Jungle In The Press: Boston Moms

Nov 9, 2023

Why Town-First Is the Way To Go — and How to Find Your Dream Home in the Process

Leaving the city and heading into the suburbs can feel like a big leap. You can always renovate your home, but you can’t change the town. But doing your own research on the many suburbs of Boston can be overwhelming and time consuming. That’s where Suburban Jungle can help.

Suburban Jungle Strategists are lifestyle experts who are familiar with the countless suburban towns across New England. They truly take the time to understand what you’re looking for and design your search strategy based on your priorities: top-tier schools, lively walkable downtowns, community events, nature or water access, whatever it may be. Based on your unique needs and preferences, your Strategist will then create a list of must-see towns. 

Find the full article on Boston Moms and discover why our town-first approach is by far the best strategy to employ when considering a move to the suburbs.

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