Suburban Jungle Shares Its Town-first Approach With The Boston Moms Blog​

Jan 18, 2017

Countless families leave Boston for the ‘burbs each year. But, for many, the focus of their suburban search seems to be more bedrooms and bathrooms than the town itself. Sure, you want anamazinghouse for you and your family, but you also want to balance finding a suburb that fits your family, your day-to-day needs and your lifestyle. And that’s exactly what we shared with the Boston Moms Blog this week.From theBoston Moms:


“When it comes to moving from the city to the suburbs, many families focus on one thing: THE HOUSE. And that makes sense—finding a great house for your brood is incredibly important. It is, after all, where you’re going to make memories for years if not a lifetime—where you’ll celebrate holidays, milestones and mark endless moments.


But here’s the thing—it’s not the be all, end all. Yes, you read that right. Where you live is unbelievably important—but that where is so much bigger than just the house. Because, as any suburban family will tell you, the neighborhood is what matters most. Finding a community that’s totally in-step with your crew and their lifestyle is essential to truly feeling at home now and in the future.


And that’s exactly where Suburban Jungle comes in. This New York City-based firm has helped countless families moving from the city to suburbia. And, on the heels of their massive success in NYC, the company has expanded to include San Francisco, LA, Chicago and, now, Boston—and city families are definitely taking notice.”




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