The benefits to moving during the preschool years​

Mar 23, 2015

It is true that there is no perfect time to move to the suburbs. However, we believe that one of the good times to move to the ‘burbs is during the preschool years, and we’ll tell you why.

It’s one of the most common questions we hear: when is thebesttime to move a family to the suburbs? While, truly, there’s no “perfect” time, we see more and more families moving during the preschool years—and reaping the many, many benefits that come with that strategically planned home purchase.

So what makes the 2s, 3s and 4s an optimal time to move, for many families? Many city parents cite dodging the dreaded kindergarten application process as a top benefit. Others want to ensure their kids start in a school, and stay with their class until they graduate. But there are plenty more perks to making a move immediately before or during preschool!

#1: Drop off/Pick up is the perfect time to meet and greet

Most towns offer busing for elementary school students, so preschool is, likely, the last time you and your spouse will be heavily engaged in the pick up/drop off process. Many lifelong friendships—kidsandparents—have been forged while shuffling preschoolers in and out of their classrooms, as well as at the host of family activities popping up all year long. Think bake sales, mom-and-me arts and crafts, birthday parties…you get the idea!

#2: Birthday parties aren’t drop offs yet

That leads to point #2—in the preschool years, chances are, birthday parties aren’t drop off events just yet. That means plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with neighboring parents while your kids party! So if #1 doesn’t apply to you—you’ve got a nanny, au pair or other childcare provider—you can still reap the benefits of the non-drop off birthday!

#3: She’s got a friend on day 1

Kindergarten can be a nerve-wracking experience for kidsandparents. Knowing your child is going to “the big school” with a friend or two can be a huge relief for all of you—and having a fellow parent to stand next to as you wave your 5-year-old off on the school bus will no doubt take some of the edge off on that first day.

#4: It’s a fun time to move!

During the preschool years, parents are a critical piece ofeverything, from play dates and parties to classroom activities, weekend adventures and extracurriculars—and that’s special! While there’s never a “perfect” time to move, the heading to the suburbs during the preschool years has tons of great benefits for both parents and kids!

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