These ‘Burbs Were Made for Walking: NYC​

May 23, 2018

In these suburbs, almost everything is within walking distance!


We hear you, everyone LOVES walkable town, so look no further than these top 5 walkable ‘burbs of NYC!


1. Montclair, NJ

Montclair is the where the suburbs meet the city. This town has a blossoming art community with plenty of boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and nightlife—all within walking distance of its pleasant, small-town neighborhoods. If you’re really hesitant to leave the city, you’ll love Montclair for its bustling, urban vibe!


2. Maplewood, NJ

This sought-after town has an old-fashioned Norman Rockwell-style downtown “village” with mom-and-pop-shops and friendly neighbors. No chain stores are allowed in the town’s commercial center, Maplewood Avenue, which means it’s populated with cute, innovative shops and tasty restaurants. You can live within walking distance to the 35-minute train ride to Manhattan, or hop on a for year-round NYC trips.


3. Port Washington, NY

Port Washington is perfect for the family that wants easy strolls to eateries, shops, schools, parks and train stations. In the center of town are several independent grocers with plenty of organic produce, a great library, and a nice Main Street with lovely local restaurants. Missing the city? You can buy a gorgeous home just blocks away from the Long Island Rail Road station for weekend trips!




4. Glenridge, NJ

With its own turn of the century train station that many residents can walk to, the peaceful town of Glen Ridge offers a mere 32-minute commute to Penn Station. It’s known for its charming streets lit by historic gas lamps for beautiful night strolls. You’ll fall in love with the small, neighborhood-like feel of Glenridge, thanks to fabulous houses built in the beginning of the 20th century, and a quaint town center right out of a storybook.


5. Irvington, NY

Irvington is a quaint village of 6,420 people just 20 miles north of the city. There have been successful efforts in the last decade to encourage new non-industrial business development along the waterfront, like the beautiful the 12-acre Scenic Hudson Park. Downtown Irvington was recently designated a historic area with plenty of shops and dining that are all an easy walk from your new home. The train system also provides a direct link to Grand Central, making Irvington convenient for commuters.

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