Third Time’s A Charm for This Brooklyn Family

Jun 13, 2023

After starting and restarting their suburban search, the Fichera family landed on Long Island.

Sarah Mark-Fichera and her family originally began their suburban search in late 2019. 

“We were craving space,” she says. “But in Brooklyn, finding more space is like searching for a needle in a haystack. So, we decided to explore the suburbs.”

However, before they could fully dive in, Sarah’s husband relocated to Florida for work. After spending a year in Orlando, though, they came back to Brooklyn – during peak pandemic. Still dealing with COVID-19 shutdowns in place, Sarah and her husband had their sights set on more space.

“We wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, but it was impossible in Brooklyn,” she says. “So we started searching Long Island – but we just kept going further to find something in our price range.” Sarah and her family kept searching, initially considering spots like Bethpage and Levittown. “Quickly, though, we realized the commute back to Brooklyn would be too much for me, every day,” Sarah says.

Welcoming a Baby – in Brooklyn

By that point, she says, the couple had a new consideration: they were pregnant with their first child. Not wanting to search and move while pregnant, the family shelved their search for a second time, welcoming their son months later. But bringing a baby home meant even more gear – and an even more cramped apartment.

“Having a baby in the apartment was tricky – and really made us think about the suburbs, again,” Sarah says. “My husband was working from home, the baby was in our room, the neighbors’ cigarette smoke was always coming in through the windows. It wasn’t ideal. That’s when we connected with Suburban Jungle.”

Exploring New Jersey and Long Island

While they were initially 100% focused on Long Island, for their latest search the family opted to cast a wider net. With the help of Suburban Jungle Strategist Alli Levine, Sarah and her family dove back in.

“Now it was really time to move,” Sarah says. “So we started exploring Long Island, again, and New Jersey. Alli was an amazing resource. We loved Westfield in New Jersey, but we also kept our eye on Long Island.” 

When the Ficheras’ search shifted to Nassau County exclusively, Alli suggested Rockville Centre, Sarah says, and they immediately fell in love. RVC had everything they wanted – a vibrant restaurant scene, mom-and-pop shops, and plenty of parks and playgrounds. The local Long Island Railroad access and a quick commute to the city, she notes, added to RVC’s appeal.

“I had always heard great things about Rockville Centre,” she said, “and I thought it would be the perfect fit for our growing family. But initially, we hadn’t found anything that was just right. Until we started our search again.” Soon after zeroing in on RVC, they found their dream home. “We attended an open house reluctantly. But as soon as we walked in, we were blown away. We immediately put in an offer, and the rest is history.”

Settling in Suburbia  

In March 2022, Sarah and her family made the move to RVC – and the transition to suburban life has been even easier than they expected.

“We’re loving suburb life – just being able to go outside and smell fresh-cut grass is huge! We have a backyard and tons of indoor and outdoor space for our son to play. It’s amazing. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. We’d be out walking, and everyone would wave and say, ‘hi.’ We loved it immediately, and are so, so happy we landed here.” 

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