5 Reasons Thanksgiving is Better in the ‘burbs

Nov 20, 2018

From tables built for more than two to an oven that can fit the big bird, we’re loving Thanksgiving in the suburbs.


Face it: Thanksgiving in the suburbs is just plain better. From the sprawling dining room table that’s—finally!—big enough for everyone to the backyard primed for post-dinner touch football to a kitchen that’s got enough oven space for a turkey and all the sides, everything about Thanksgiving in suburbia gets our thumbs up. Some other reasons to be thankful you’re celebrating in the suburbs?


#1. Turkey, stuffing, pies and sides galore…

Good food and great company are the heart of this holiday—and the food piece is where the suburbs shines. Suburban houses tend to have a ton more kitchen space than the typical city apartment or condo—think added counter space, big refrigerators—or, even, two refrigerators—and a big single or double oven. In other words, room for everything you and your crew want to feast on, without having to cook in shifts.


#2. A Thanksgiving table for all

In the city, it’s tough to squeeze everyone around the same table at the same time—instead, you likely opted for grab-a-plate-and-find-a-spot, or had tables throughout your apartment. While there’s definitely something fun about those urban gatherings, in the suburbs you can finally gather everyone together at the same table, at the same time.



#3. The more, the merrier

And in that vein, because your home—and your table and your kitchen—is that much bigger, it’s time to finally invite everyone for the holiday without worrying about space. In the ‘burbs, there’s room for everyone at the table and for the post-dinner R&R session—and you may even have a guest room or two for long-distance friends and family. Bonus!


#4. Hit the backyard post-meal

Whether the chaos has reached maximum levels or everyone just needs to torch some pumpkin pie calories, it’s easy to head out back for a quick game of touch football without having to cross streets or hop on trains. Football not your game? Scavenger hunts, kickball or other backyard favorites are also great options for the whole crew.


#5. Thanksgiving in the suburbs tour-du-force style

Thanksgiving in the suburbs doesn’t have to be a stationary event. Everyone does it differently, but lots of families enjoy making a whole day out of it. Sync up with friends or family and make your rounds, hitting one house pre-meal for a quick drink and another after the big event for an extra slice of pie. It’s easy to house-hop in the suburbs—plus you’ll almost always find a grocery store still selling cranberry sauce, even day of.


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