Can You REALLY Find an Affordable Home in The Suburbs?​

Jan 11, 2017

While, for decades, “starter houses” were an essential first step for city families heading to suburbia, today’s city dwellers turned suburbanites don’t always have the same options. Home prices in many of the country’s most sought-after ‘burbs have gottenreallyhigh in recent years—think $1.2 million in Marin County, CA; $1 million in Needham, MA, and more than $1.4 million in Scarsdale, NY. And that means evenenteringthese markets far exceeds the “starter home” benchmark and, in many cases, can price out buyers who, in any other market, would be able to lock down virtually any home on the market. So the big question: can you REALLY find an affordable home in the suburbs?


In short, YES. Just because home prices are on the high side doesn’t mean you need to adjust (at least nottoomuch…), relegate yourself to a traditional “starter home” or skip out on the town youreallywant to callhomeentirely.It just means you need to dig a little deeper, look a little harder and understand the scope of what’s available, what it costs and where to look.




Our friends at Wee Westchester did just that in their fantastic round up of . This post has affordable homes in the suburbs, including some incredibly sought-after towns like Katonah, Tarrytown, Yorktown Heights and Briarcliff Manor, all for $600,000 or less—which, in this part of the country, is a total steal.


And Westchester isn’t alone. Our experts on the ground have spotted sub-$600,000 deals in Novato, San Rafael and even Needham and Scarsdale. And these are not apartments or tiny condos either. These are well-positioned, well-maintained homes perfect for a family.


Our point? Don’t feel priced out ofanymarket. Don’t expand your search to include other communities if youknowyou’ve found “The Town” for you and your family. And don’t settle for the first home that comes along. Tap your Suburbs Strategist and do a little digging before lobbing an offer. Because youcanfind an affordable home in the suburbs, even in some of the most popular towns out there. Good luck!

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