Creating Community & Abstract Art in the Boston Suburbs

Oct 5, 2018

Artist Carolyn Mackin Watson calls Wellesley “home”

Artist, mom, and suburbanite Carolyn Mackin Watson has long been a fixture on the Boston arts scene and beyond. “I have a thriving business selling my abstract artwork to local clients as well as art lovers all over the globe,” Carolyn says. “I’m an artist who creates paintings for stylish spaces,” she adds. “My abstract, multi-layered paintings reflect my journey through life, which I see as a fantastic adventure.”


Not only is Carolyn a sought-after artist, but she’s also a Wellesley fixture. Her two boys attend middle and elementary school locally and she’s regularly onsite, at school activities and sporting events. “You can find me at the local yoga studios, too, or shopping for home decor items for my circa 1898 home,” she says. “But most likely you’ll find me on the third floor of my house—my art studio!—or on Instagram.”


The family initially moved to Wellesley in 2009 and immediately dove right into local cultural and community goings-on. “My husband and I were looking for a town that had the spirit of a city,” she explains. “Such great shopping, restaurants, schools, architecture, everything.” Ultimately, they wanted to find the right spot to raise their boys and Wellesley fit the bill. “We wanted our boys to grow up in a multicultural environment, in a home close to our family, incredible amenities and, of course, Boston. When we found a side entrance Colonial with great bones just one-quarter mile from shops, restaurants and yoga studios, we knew it was our home.”


Now, nearly a decade later, Carolyn and her family are certain they’ve made the right decision. “We absolutely love living in Wellesley,” she says. “We’ve created a beautiful community here and are constantly amazed by the beauty of the town itself.” As a mom she’s thrilled with the public schools and, as an artist, she’s surrounded by people who appreciate her work.



“Living here means I’m surrounded by people who love, appreciate and buy artwork,” Carolyn adds. “Much of my business is local. I love that I get to meet many of my clients and several have become friends. I crave that real-life connection and love that I get to see where my artwork actually ends up.” Those local collectors include Suburban Jungle’s Director of Operations & Head Boston Strategist Barbara Hirsch who owns two of Carolyn’s originals. “I love spending time guiding clients to ensure that the scale, colors and overall aesthetic look amazing together.”


Despite being a long-time suburbanite now, Carolyn still considers herself a city girl at heart. “I cherished my years of living in San Francisco,” she says. “But raising a family outside of the city but within close proximity gives you the best of both worlds. I have no regrets and would encourage other young families to find a town and home that feels right to them.”


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Carolyn Mackin Watson (interview/image)

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