Is Suburbia In YOUR Future?

Apr 19, 2017

If you are one of those people who are not certain if you should move to the ‘burbs or not, here are some signs that might help you with your decision.


Do these signs ring a little too true? Then the ‘burbs might be calling…


Maybe you’ve always known you’d be heading to the suburbs at some point—or, maybe, you’re on the fence or 100% not sold on leaving the city. Every family is different and every family has different expectations for their family’s future—a future that may or may not involve suburbia. Feel like you might be one of those fence-sitters—not totally sure if you should stay or you should go? Again, while every family is different, there are a few tell tale signs that the ‘burbs are more than likely in your future. If these hit close to home, it might be time to start evaluating life in the city versus life in suburbia—because, before you know it, suburban life might start looking really good…



Maybe it’s heading to Westchester for grocery shopping and errands, Tiburon for brunch or Downers Grove to that great park you discovered. It could even be a few extra day trips and weekend getaways out of the city. Either way, though, you’re suddenly spending less time in the city and more time in suburbia and beyond. And that’s telling. You’ve got everything from amazing restaurants to incomparable culture to public parks, museums, theaters and shopping all within city limits. If you look forward to “getting away,” maybe it’s time to think about why—and what (maybe) is drawing you to the ‘burbs.



Maybe it’s the stress of preK placements, the mounting kindergarten applications or getting your kids into the right private schools, but something on the school front is pushing on you a little too much—and that’s making suburbia look pretty good. If the stress is starting to get to you, that could be a sign that suburbia is in your future. While, of course, there will be plenty of school considerations in suburbia, the processes tend not to be as involved, as lengthy or as stressful as they are in the city. Want to put your kindergartener in the local public school? Just register them—no applications, rankings or waiting months for a yay or nay. Thinking private? There’s competition but, often, it’s not as steep as in the city, which can take a huge weight off of your family’s shoulders.





Tricycles in the hallway. Wagons that double as toy storage—toys that are in every room of the house, including the living room and kitchen. Scooters tucked into your parking spot—you know, the parking spot meant for your car. Storage that’s about to burst. Closets jam-packed with clothes, shoes and plenty of “miscellaneous.” No matter how you slice it, your home can’t take any more stuff—but your family is showing no signs of slowing down in the “stuff” department. You could upgrade to a bigger apartment but, in the city, that can be a challenge. A one-bedroom in SoHo rents for about $5,900 per month. Move up to a two-bedroom and you’re looking at another $2,000 – $2,500 per month—a huge difference for a growing family. And if you want to buy? In Manhattan the average purchase price hovers around $2 million—it’s a hefty price tag, especially if you aren’t getting the space your family needs. Space is one of the most common reasons we hear city families deciding to make a move. The city, simply, doesn’t fit their life and their lifestyle anymore and they’re ready to spread out in suburbia. If that sounds familiar, don’t just buy another storage bin and hope for the best. Start exploring life outside of city limits, and see how it feels.


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