Make the Most of a Small Backyard​

Oct 28, 2015

While living in a nearby ‘burb hasplentyof perks, often, the closer you live the less outdoor space you’ll have. With land at a premium in the optimal commuting zones, many builders and owners opt to maximizehomespace at the expense of outdoor square footage. So what’s an almost-suburban family to do? Make the most of the outdoor you’ve got! With a few creative tips and tricks you can create an incredible outdoor oasis inanysize yard.

Create unique sections and spacesJust like a sunken in living room or pass-through kitchen window creates the illusion of more space, sectioning off a backyard with tiers or levels can help maximize the space you’re working with. Not only will this designate areas for gardening, play, entertaining and relaxing, for example, but it will also promote a good flow through the space — this ensures guests won’t crowd together creating a too-tight feeling.

Mix and match materialsAnother way to maximize a now-tiered yard? By integrating decking, wood, stones, pavement and grass throughout. Not only will this reinforce those all-important sections, it will elevate your yard and give it a sophisticated, modern feel that naturally creates the illusion of space and flow.

Use garden containersWant to garden but don’t want to give up valuable outdoor space? Try acontainergarden! These chic, versatile gardens don’t require you to dig up the dirt but, instead, live solely in pots and other decorative containers. Choose a variety of styles, colors and sizes to create a diverse, expansive feel that’s easy to pick up and move from season to season.

Consider smaller furnitureDitch the large patio furniture in favor of smaller bistro-style sets — even if that means snagging a few to pepper throughout your space. When you entertain, this will encourage guests to mix and mingle versus staying put in one spot — and, again, that flow helps maximize your space!

Look for pieces that do double dutyThe deckscape that’s also got built in storageanddoubles as extra seating? Perfect! Take a cue from your apartment life and look for amazing outdoor pieces that serve more than one purpose. Not only will you save on costs you’ll also max out your backyard in seconds.

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