Should We Stay or Should We Go?​

Dec 2, 2014

Our friends atYou Plus 2 Parentingdig deeper into our favorite topic – should we stay or should we go? The lure (and fear) of the NYC suburbs….

We always hear parents of two children saying that baby #2 is just an easier experience. By the time the second child arrives you are “seasoned” parents, no longer afraid of newborns, and likely wondering why you thought a tiny baby that doesn’t walk or talk required so much attention.

But in NYC having a second child is not always an easy transition based on the never-ending space debate in a city of 8 million. Do we put the new baby in a closet? Can we put dividers in our room so once the baby is older he or she won’t see me trying to sleep and ignoring? Having a second child is amazing, but often for many families requires a serious reassessment of living, and often a debate over whether to stay in NYC or leave for a more “spacious” life in the suburbs.

For many families this is a really complex process involving questions about schools, lifestyle, budget, commuting time and finding a neighborhood that will fit what we need to feel comfortable in leaving our urban sanctuary of NYC. With the demands of parenting, work and life it really can be a daunting task to find out whether a town will be a good fit for a family.

Luckily there is a free (yes its free!) service that focuses solely on helping families with looking to move outside of the city, and provides you with a dedicated consultant to guide you through the search that can include over 500 commutable towns outside of NYC.

Suburban Jungletakes a town first approach, focused on finding a town that fits the needs of your family and offering an insider look into what it’s really like to live in the neighborhood.

We can help you consider all the options, and will develop a strategy for your home search process.

Moving out of NYC isn’t for everyone- but if it is – and you find yourself dreaming about a second bathroom or a second or third bedroom, contact me at to get started!

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