Staying in Suburbia, But Getting Closer to the City

Jan 10, 2020

This creative couple knows they need something closer to NYC.


Laura, an actor, spent five years in LA with her filmmaker/composer husband Andy, before they came back to the East Coast. “I’d been in New York for 12 years or so,” she explains. “Andy’s family is from Boston and mine is from New Jersey, so we always expected to come back at some point.” That “point” came in 2014.


Eager to get back to the New York City theater and TV scene, Laura and her family made the move to the NYC suburbs, landing in Madison, Connecticut.


“We did a lot of our search remotely,” she says. “We wanted to be on MetroNorth, we wanted to be close to the city and we wanted to be near both of our families. And, of course, we wanted good schools and plenty of space for the kids,” now five and three-and-a-half.


After searching New London, Fairfield, Guilford and Ridgefield, Madison seemed to check all of their boxes. So, when they found a house they loved, Laura and Andy headed to their new suburban home.


The house, Laura adds, is beautiful and in a great location. “We felt like this town could really work,” she says, “even though we didn’t know anyone there. But the more I came out of my ‘bubble,’ the more I wanted to go into the city for auditions and things—and the commute was tougher than I expected.”


While Laura doesn’t go into the city daily—and Andy can work from anywhere provided he has space—she quickly realized the distance was keeping her from pursuing a number of professional opportunities.


“I can’t do a play in the city,” she says, “because I would be getting home in the middle of the night, every night. And TV auditions can take five minutes, but I’m commuting six hours for those five minutes. If I leave at 11am, I’m home at 7pm—and that’s without taking other meetings or seeing other friends’ work.”


Realizing they need to make a move, the family didn’t know what to do next — then they found Suburban Jungle.


“For Laura’s career, it’s important that she has that ability to pop in and out of the city,” says Suburban Jungle Strategist Erika Ades. “But it’s more than just proximity. They need to be in a progressive community—something artsy and creative like they are.” At the top of Erika’s initial suburban strategy: Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Chappaqua, Westport and Croton-on-Hudson.


Quickly, Laura and Andy started exploring and better refining where they want to call “home” next.


“We have really different needs professionally,” Laura explains. “Andy needs space to his work from home—but in some of the communities closer to the city we’d wind up with less space. It’s a balancing act.”


While the family hasn’t settled on their final destination, they’ve already had a few front-runners—namely, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, where they say they love the vibe and community feel. Croton is also a top contender.


“We’re excited,” says Laura. “And we’re working with Erika to figure it all out, which has been incredibly helpful and we know we’re in good hands.”



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