This Long-Time City Family Found the Perfect Chicago Suburb

Mar 15, 2022

Jodi Fiser resisted the suburbs for 15 years before finding a town that had everything she loved about the city — and more.

Jodi Fiser had always been hesitant to leave the city. She and her husband, Jeremy, had considered moving to Evanston and Wilmette over the years, but they always ended up staying in Chicago. But after 15+ years of city life — and baby #3 on the way — Jodi realized it was time to find a bigger place in the Chicago suburbs.

“We wanted to stay in the Chicago area and I’m a huge fan of living near the lake, so we narrowed in on the North Shore suburbs,” Jodi says.

In addition to living near the lake and an easy commute to the city, Jodi and her husband were looking for a place with good schools and more room for their growing family, while still enjoying the amenities that can be found in the city.

“We wanted to keep some semblance of city life and still be able to walk to coffee shops, restaurants, the beach and parks,” she explains.

With their priorities mapped, Jodi reached out to Suburban Jungle and Strategist Heather Jagher in January 2021 — and, from there, things started rolling. After zeroing in on communities that matched the Fiser’s specifications, Heather connected the couple with a local Suburban Jungle real estate agent. By the end of March, they’d settled on Winnetka — and put an offer on their dream home.

“We got into a bidding war with another family and ended up losing,” said Jodi. So the Fisers jumped right back into their home search — but not for long.

“Three weeks later our realtor called us and said the house is yours if you want it,” Jodi says. They jumped on the opportunity and, in June, closed. By July they were moved in and, in December, welcomed the newest addition to their family.

Why Winnetka?

After working with Heather, the Fisers narrowed their list down to Kenilworth, Winnetka, and Wilmette — quickly, though, Winnetka popped to the top.

“After several house-hunting trips, we narrowed our search to Winnetka,” Jodi says. “Specifically, we loved the way it was laid out. We can easily walk to the train, downtown, and the lake. Plus, the lots are wider in Winnetka, creating more space and separation in between the homes, which was important to us coming from the city. While we love our house, it was really the location and lot that sold us. To us, it was important to focus on the things you cannot change.”

Now, six months into Winnetka living, the Fisers are starting to settle in and make friends in the community.

“Our oldest started kindergarten and participates in local activities through the park district,” Jodi says. The couple has also started the preschool application process for their two-year-old daughter.

“The schools and teachers are amazing; we feel fortunate to be a part of the community,” Jodi says.

Surprises in the suburbs

While the Fisers love life in Winnetka, Jodi admits moving was a big adjustment with some surprises. But, ultimately, the biggest surprise is that they didn’t make a move sooner.

“For me, the biggest surprise was that I had been holding off so long because I had this fear of the suburbs that was completely unfounded,” Jodi says. “I love it. I keep telling people that, yes, there is life outside the city.”

With so much to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the moving process. But we’re here to help make it feel more straightforward and fun. Schedule a FREE Suburb Strategy Session today so we can get started.

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