Top 7 Reasons to Move to the Boston Suburbs

Mar 9, 2023

Live your Life in the Suburbs

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Boston is an attractive destination for many. The city has long been a popular choice for those seeking a place to call home, but the surrounding suburbs continue to attract buyers. Thanks to the friendly communities, convenient commutes, abundance of activities & more- it’s no wonder people are deciding to move to the Boston suburbs.

1. Top Rated Schools

Education is top-notch across much of Greater Boston, whether you’re looking for an Ivy League prep school or one of the many, excellent public schools throughout the suburbs. Families often choose the area for its exceptional education system alone- so there is no shortage of quality educational programs nearby. Is your family looking for a language immersion program? Or perhaps a different specialty school? There are plenty of superb options around the suburbs. 

2. Easily Explore Nature

With its parks, trails and plentiful woods, the Boston suburbs offer access to nature without having to trek far away from civilization itself- with expansive state parks like Wompatuck State Park, Hopkinton State Park, and Middlesex Fells Reservation! In the suburbs, you’re never far away from skiing in the winter, hiking in the spring & swimming during the summer

3. Convenient Commuting

Thanks to extensive public transportation networks through the MBTA (aka the “T”), getting around is relatively easy in most parts of the Boston suburbs. Many communities offer direct access either via the commuter rail, the subway, bus routes, a ferry, or even Amtrak- depending on your needs. Public transit options have made it easier than ever before for commuters who need efficient transportation to Boston, Cambridge or to Logan Airport. 

4. Live Among Rich History

Not only does Boston have a rich history dating back centuries, but also most towns here have their own unique stories that add depth and character. Residents of Concord, Lexington & Salem, for example, can enjoy renowned museums, world class art galleries, chic restaurants & more… all without even leaving the comfort of their own neighborhood!

5. Restaurant Variety

No matter what kind of cuisine you prefer- classic Italian dishes, to seasonal farm-to-table meals, to food trucks- chances are strong that you’ll find the perfect spot to satisfy cravings. There are no shortage of options in the suburbs, like Laughing Monk Cafe, Sycamore and Blossom Bar, and after dinner, grab a pint in one of the many breweries across the ‘burbs.

6. Year Round Sports

It goes without saying, New Englanders love their sports teams. This love doesn’t end with the professional teams, either. Residents enjoy watching minor league baseball, as they cheer on the WooSox. For the budding athlete in your family, make sure you’re checking out some of the top towns for high school sports. Also, play a round of golf at public courses like Wayland Country Club or Brookmeadow Country Club, in Canton. 

7. Exclusive Boutiques

There are also plenty of boutiques scattered throughout many suburban towns, making it easy to shop locally. Wellesley & Hingham are sought after by many for their shopping- check out Isabel Harvey, Kenzie & Hope, La Petite Maison, kloTH, Acquire Good & more!

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