Best Philadelphia Suburbs: Everything you want to know about

Jul 15, 2021

From quiet communities to bustling college towns to posh neighborhoods, the Philadelphia suburbs have something for everyone — and with everything from lakes and beaches to farmers markets, zoos, walkable downtowns, and more, there’s always lots to do, no matter where you land. So how to kick off your suburban search? Contact Suburban Jungle — and start considering your family’s priorities, must-haves, and what you envision life looking like outside of city limits. Consider this…

Most Walkable Philadelphia Suburbs

In the city, walking is a way of life — and many families don’t want to give that up when they head to the ‘burbs. These 12 walkable communities are ideal. Here, people walk everywhere — to (and around) downtown, to and from school, sports, playdates, and more. If you’re a one-car family or just don’t want to ditch your daily walks, consider these communities, including Media, Ardmore, Narberth, West Chester, and Doylestown, among others.

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Top Philadelphia Suburbs for Arts & Culture

Think that the city of Philadelphia has a monopoly on the arts and culture scene? Think again. The Philadelphia suburbs are home to countless theaters, concert halls, museums, galleries, and more. Media, for example, is home to the only professional theater in Delaware County, and stages a renowned Broadway series complete with a live orchestra. New Hope is home to a jaw-dropping 10 galleries, plus the New Hope Arts Center and the Bucks County Playhouse — and that’s just the beginning.

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Best Playgrounds and Parks in the Philadelphia Suburbs

For many families, finding a community with tons of parks and green spaces tops their must-have list. If the Philadelphia suburbs, you’ll have no trouble finding a town that syncs — these neighborhoods are packed with parks and playgrounds, perfect for a weekend hang or after-school stop-over.

A few of our favorites? The Narberth Playground in Narberth which is a hotspot for sports and hosts the July 4th fireworks. We’re also loving Freedom Playground in Haverford, a 100% volunteer-built playground designed to be accessible to all kids — and even has space for your dog to run and play.

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Fast-Growing Towns in the Philadelphia Suburbs

Often, when families start searching suburbia, they focus on towns they’ve heard of — towns where friends recently moved or that they’ve read about in round ups of top schools, hottest restaurants, and thriving nightlife scenes. But that’s just part of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Beyond just those “name brand” towns, there are tons of family-friendly communities that, in recent years, have seen an influx of amazing restaurants, sports, entertainment, and other activities. Paired with existing amenities these towns — including Horsham, Collingswood, Havertown, and Vorhees — are quickly moving up the list of must-see suburbs.

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