Moms We ❤: Nikki Millman

May 1, 2024

This mom of 2 and business leader shares insights on her transition from urban to suburban – and more

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re kicking off our Moms We ♥️ Love series with one of our favorites: Nikki Millman. Based on the Upper East Side, Nikki is a mom of two and a Marketing Consultant and VP of Community at HATCH, a luxury maternity fashion boutique. Here, she shares her experiences and insights about moving, motherhood and managing a thriving career.

How does your work at HATCH  influence your daily life?

HATCH is deeply integrated into my life, not just professionally but personally. Our mission is to celebrate and support every stage of motherhood, which resonates with me every day as I balance being a mother and a business leader. The blend of community engagement and innovative fashion at HATCH parallels my own values.

What drew you to Chappaqua?

We originally explored living near the water in Connecticut, but as we delved deeper, Chappaqua emerged as the perfect fit for our growing family. It offers a wonderful combination of community feel, excellent schools, and natural beauty, which is ideal for raising kids.

What are you looking forward to in your new suburban life?

There are so many things! Primarily, the chance to have more space — both indoors and out. I dream of a garden in the future. But beyond the physical aspects, I am excited about integrating into a tight-knit community where we can form lasting friendships and contribute meaningfully.

What impact do you hope to have in your new community?

I hope to bring the same passion and commitment to building community in Chappaqua that I’ve invested in my work at HATCH. Whether it’s through school activities, local events, or simply being a supportive neighbor, I want to contribute positively and help foster a nurturing environment for families.

How are you preparing for the transition from city life to suburbia?

The transition is significant, but we’re approaching it with optimism and flexibility. We look forward to the benefits of suburban living, such as reduced pace and more personal space, while retaining strong ties to New York City due to my work commitments.

What advice would you give to other moms considering a similar move?

Be patient, yet ready to make quick decisions. Moving, especially with a family, can present unexpected challenges and opportunities. It’s important to prioritize what truly matters to your family and be flexible with other aspects. Not everything will be perfect, and that’s OK.

Now that the suburban wheels are in motion, how are you feeling about your upcoming move?

It feels right. Every step of this journey has reaffirmed our decision to move. While it’s bittersweet to leave our current home, the excitement of creating new memories in Chappaqua motivates us every day. We are eager to start this new chapter in our lives.

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