Let Suburban Jungle Help You Find Your New “Hometown”

Mar 3, 2022

Any timeline. Any lifestyle. Any commute. We’ve got you covered.

No two moves are the same. We get it because we’ve helped countless people explore the suburbs and find their new hometown — each client’s search is unique and we are here to help navigate that journey.

“We often say, we’re 98% therapy — and we mean it! Each client has their own personal list of needs and wants. We dive in and discuss every detail to piece together the puzzle. Our process guides the suburban search journey to help clients explore and find the town that best aligns with their lifestyle,” says New York Strategist Allison Levine. “No matter why you want to move — whether you need more space, want to be closer to family, or are just ready for something new, we are here to help.”

Moving to…be closer to their family in South America

Marcos and Fernanda didn’t know where they wanted to be long-term. The couple was living in Seattle with their twin daughters when the pandemic hit. Quickly, they realized Seattle wasn’t the right place for their family — they wanted to be within 24 hours’ travel time to Uruguay. Suddenly, remote work made that a viable option.

“Once remote work was on the table, we knew we needed to make a move,” Marcos says. “Everything was aligning — we just didn’t know where to start looking.”

The couple wanted to be on the east coast, with easier travel options and more direct flights. They worked with Suburban Jungle Strategists in New York and South Florida and ultimately landed in Boca Raton.

“We love being in the sunshine, especially after living in Seattle for so many years,” Fernanda shares. “It’s nice to be able to take the babies in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood…anytime.”

Moving to…a town they’d ruled out

Rebecca and her husband also spent plenty of time speaking with their Suburban Jungle Strategist before moving to Katonah.

“Having a Suburban Jungle strategist who we could brainstorm with was such an unbelievable benefit,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca initially ruled out Katonah, but when her Strategist recommended a second look, she realized the town was actually a perfect fit.

“We fell in love,” Rebecca said. “Our Suburban Jungle agent met us at the Reading Room, this adorable coffee shop in downtown Katonah that she suggested, and she showed us around the downtown. It just immediately felt like the right place that we wanted to raise our family.”

Moving to…the house down the block

For many people, connecting with Suburban Jungle is just the beginning — and, sometimes, leads to a move before the “big” move.

“We work on your timeline, but it’s never too early to start the conversation,” says Melissa Schneider, Head South Florida Strategist. “Even if you don’t have plans to move for years, we can start exploring and talking through options. And who knows…you might decide to move sooner than you think!”

A perfect example? Jacky and Colin Brady. The couple was living in South Boston when they reached out to Suburban Jungle.

“We would have loved to stay in the city,” Jacky says. “But we didn’t think we could afford it. And besides, our long-term plan was always to raise a family in the suburbs, so we figured we’d just start that move a little earlier.”

Working with Suburban Jungle Boston Strategist Barbara Hirsch, the Bradys ultimately found another apartment… also in South Boston, though they still have an eye on the suburbs for the future.

“It’s great when clients are open to both options and do town tours to see what’s out there,” Barbara says. “It really helps to inform their decision and decide if the timing is right now or to wait a few years.”

Thinking about suburbia? Let’s talk! Schedule your Suburbs Strategy session today to get started.

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