Have questions?

Are all of the services that the Suburban Jungle offers FREE?

Suburban Jungle does not charge its clients for services. We will help you find a new home by putting you in touch with a real estate agent who specializes in properties and areas which you are interested in. Suburban Jungle then receives a referral commission from the real estate agent once you close on your new home.

Wait. Will I save $ if I represent myself?

NOPE. It’s that simple. If you actually don’t have a dedicated buyer’s agent, you will most likely lose money because you have no one representing your interests in the transaction. Statistics show that unrepresented buyers pay more for homes than those with buyer representation.

How are you different than working with a typical real estate firm?

For starters we ONLY WORK WITH BUYERS. There is no hidden agenda, no inventory we are trying to push. WE work FOR YOU. We also are NOT Real Estate agents trying to sell you anything, ever. We are corporate strategists working for a lifestyle advisory firm, managed by a real estate brokerage firm, whose entire job is to make certain that your best interests are represented – from the start of your search, before you step foot into a house, to post closing when you are trying to find the best paint color. Full Service. Full Disclosure. Our philosophy is that it is easier to upgrade house than to upgrade town. We want you to be sure you love the town before you love your house. Our goal is to make certain you are looking in the right places and asking the right questions. Questions which you may not even have thought to have asked.

Real Estate agents are sales agents. We are not. We employ salaried consultants who understand the dynamics of every part of every potential suburb (HUNDREDS) that you can potentially move to. We don’t have a vested interest in where you end up. We built the business this way so that objective advice is what is paramount to our business.

Do you have your own real estate agents?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We found that in order to provide truly objective advice and service, we need to separate ourselves. We have sifted through thousands of agents to find the best for our clients, but we need to be able to, at times, pull you away from a deal or send you in a different direction and we wanted no conflicts of interest that would arise if we had agents selling you things on behalf of our company.

How can Suburban Jungle not charge clients a fee?

Traditionally, the seller of the home pays all the commission. As an example, a seller hires their own seller’s agent. They agree to a commission with that agent. That agent then goes out to the real estate community and invites selling brokers to help sell that home, agreeing to split the commission he/she receives.

When one of our clients buys a home with a Suburban Jungle partner agent, that partner agent shares a portion of their commission with Suburban Jungle. The seller does not pay anything extra as our commission agreement is between Suburban Jungle and the buyer’s agent!

In order to receive all of our incredible services, you must work with our highly experienced, curated selection of partner agents to buy a home.

Suburban Jungle has taken the traditional real estate way and turned it on its head. We add invaluable, incredible services that every buyer deserves and truly shouldn’t be making intelligent decisions without. It’s that easy!

What if I already have my own Agents?

You might be out of luck…and then again you might ask yourself if you already have great agents…why are you looking for more info? Yep… you just discovered why we truly exist. Because agents SELL, and we EDUCATE. We work exclusively with hand picked and trained agents in each town that our team has curated specifically for the Suburban Jungle experience. Each agent we select is extremely qualified and knows their markets inside and out. While they do not work directly for us so that we can work for YOU and provide truly objective advice… they are in fact part of our team so that we can better guide you. Agents who we don’t communicate with, use our technology and are not trained by our staff are not able to provide the insight we need in order to guide you properly. We also don’t want to step on your agent’s toes if you are currently happy with them. If you would like to work in other areas that your agent won’t cover, or are interested in switching agents we are happy to help!

What if I am working with a relo package from work?

No problem… only thing you need to do is let them know you want all the benefits but want to use our partner agents… ( you need to do this before you start working with us of course! ) and let us know who the relo company is so we can help you make sure all of your benefits are fully in play!