Meet Kelly Lehman

Kelly Lehman

At 22 years old, Kelly moved to Atlanta from Queens, for what she thought was going to be a temporary move, but quickly fell in love with everything Atlanta has to offer. After a year in Atlanta, she realized that she could switch to the nonprofit sector and afford to live at the same time. Throughout her more than two-decade career, Kelly worked primarily with teens, fostering leadership and community building. She later moved into management and fundraising roles locally and globally. After a four-year stint of being a stay-at-home mom, Kelly decided to bring her passion for Atlanta, community building and helping people, to Suburban Jungle!

In her free time, Kelly enjoys traveling (she’s been to 46 states and 14 countries!), oil and watercolor painting, binge watching TV (no reality shows!) and spending time with her family and friends. Kelly and her husband live in the Atlanta suburbs and have five children between them – all boys – and two Pitbull mixes.

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