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Working with Robin Hoberman at Suburban Jungle was instrumental to our town and home search. She truly helped us narrow down the towns that could be a fit. She made a very stressful process a bit less overwhelming and manageable. I recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone considering moving to the suburbs. All of the local agents are amazing as well. Super... Read More
Faran D.

Patti from NYC was available almost immediately and very easy to talk to. It was a pleasure. She took an anxiety provoking situation and made it an exciting one. Our initial conversation was informal and pleasant and yet resulted in targeted information that helped us focus our efforts, which, if you are restricted for time, is truly an asset. Suburban... Read More
Diana H.

Working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle was such an enjoyable experience! It was like having a supportive friend in your corner at all times during one of the biggest chapters of your life. Alli listened to our hopes, wishes, and desires for what we were looking for in a town and compiled a list of possible towns that would interest us. Alli hit... Read More
Allison G.

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Kate P.

We were moving from a totally different area of the country and didn't have any friends or family in our new area to give us intel on the cool/affordable/safe towns. We really had no idea where to start. Suburban Jungle connected us with an expert in the area who interviewed us to help us match our lifestyle and budget with some prospective towns. She then connected us to realtors in those areas who helped us further narrow our search and stuck with us while we hunted for the perfect home during a really tough market. At first I didn't believe this service could possibly be free, but it is! Highly recommend.

Rikki G.

Working with Eleanor at Suburban Jungle was absolutely incredible. We were feeling cramped in Brooklyn, but couldn't imagine where we'd go. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed by random zillow listings, and a plethora of recommendations from friends and family - we found Suburban Jungle and are so fortunate. From the start, Eleanor was thoughtful, considerate, and asked questions that made us really think through what we wanted for ourselves, our family, and our future. Truthfully, anytime we got nervous or anxious about what was coming up for us when we visited a town or house... we called Eleanor. She was our go to person for this entire search. And when we submitted an offer on a house - we called her first thing! We've already recommended Suburban Jungle to 6 friends, and we'll keep doing it. For folks who know they gotta go, but don't know where to - this is the place to work with. Eleanor was incredibly patient (we worked together for... 10 months??) and had access to all the coolest details and amazing people. The best. Simply the best experience.

Daniel K.

We loved Suburban Jungle. They connected us with many great realtors and towns. Allison Levine is the best.

Jennifer L.

Jodi at Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource for us when we decided we were ready to leave the city. All we knew was that we wanted to find a good school district for special needs, and Jodi was quick to connect us with very knowledgeable realtors. She was also very informed about the community feel of each neighborhood, which helped us narrow down our choices. We had no idea where to begin when we first started this process, and looking back, I'm so glad we started with Suburban Jungle!

Colleen G.

I highly recommend working with Suburban Jungle when looking to buy a house outside of the city. Their team is super helpful, and the realtors they connect you with are so knowledgeable about their communities, incredibly kind and helpful in teaching about the home-buying process, and are so great at navigating the crazy housing market.

Pegah K.

It was a great experience working with Melissa from Suburban Jungle. I read her story on Suburban Jungle and immediately felt connected to her. She is very professional and compassionate. She always checked on us through our entire journey of finding our new community and home. She is also very knowledgeable and has great information about South Florida communities. Melissa and Suburban Jungle helped us find not only our own new home but our new community. She had great recommendations of true professionals for every step of the process. In today’s tough market we got exactly what we wanted, great community, neighborhood, amazing schools and our beautiful home. Thank you so much Melissa.

Eric M.

We used Suburban Jungle in our move to the Philadelphia suburbs, and Jodi was such a great resource for us! We were moving to be closer to family, but were not very familiar with the details of each suburb. Upon telling Jodi our preferences, she was able to list out and discuss the details of each neighborhood. She also connected us with a few brokers, one of whom we ended up using to ultimately buy our new home in Lower Merion! Thank you again for all of the help Jodi!!

Mahesh P.

Such an amazing experience. I don't think we could have navigated Westchester County without Suburban Jungle and will, without reservation, be recommending them to anyone looking for a home in the NYC area.

David P.

Our family was ready to make the move from the city to the burbs, however my wife and I knew next to nothing on the burbs themselves. After an initial consultation with SJ, we were assigned to two realtor groups in two different areas to help us navigate the search and buying process. Our experience was excellent and they helped us submit a winning bid in a highly competitive market. At the end of the day Suburban Jungle delivered on their mission to help find our family a wonderful home. I would highly recommend their services.

Jenna S.

We explored some different communities on our own prior to working with Suburban Jungle, and the experiences could not be more different. We loved working with Suburban Jungle - they asked us questions about what we valued - activities, lifestyle, family plans, what type of community we'd like to live in/near, commutes, style of housing, price points, etc, and provided us with links and information we couldn't find elsewhere about different towns and neighborhoods. We then explored neighborhoods and towns with very knowledgeable agents who talked to us about schools, shopping, activities nearby, showed us what types of houses we could get at our price points. What we loved most about it is that is was simple, tailored to us, we really feel the person we worked with at Suburban Jungle listened to our feedback, was very accessible, and made additional suggestions based on our feedback, such that we were able to find the perfect community for us - we've lived in our town for almost a year now, and found the perfect house and area that we were looking for. We also loved touring the towns with the agents - we really felt we were able to have a good understanding of what each town offered, what was nearby, and it helped us really determine what was essential for us. We could not be happier or more pleased with our decision to work with Suburban Jungle or their agent in finding us the perfect home! Thank you Alison and Heather!!!!

Guy B.

We worked with Pamela Goldman in the Bay Area to help us find the right area to move to, having been away from the region for many years. She connected us with several parents in the neighbourhoods we were considering which was invaluable to know first hand experience about the local schools and community. She also connected us with Rebecca and Karen - the two best real estate agents we’ve ever worked with. They worked tirelessly for us, showing us countless houses and, in the end, helped us secure an amazing home before its first open house. We can’t thank them and Suburban Jungle enough!

Faran D.

Working with Robin Hoberman at Suburban Jungle was instrumental to our town and home search. She truly helped us narrow down the towns that could be a fit. She made a very stressful process a bit less overwhelming and manageable. I recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone considering moving to the suburbs. All of the local agents are amazing as well. Super knowledgeable and a delight to work with

Craig J.

We had an amazing experience with Suburban Jungle and our consultant, Alli Levine. Within 10 minutes of speaking to her about what my wife and I were looking for in a community, she recommended we look at the town we ultimately ended up moving to. She was a pleasure to work with and also referred us to a great realtor that we ended up using. Would recommend anyone looking to leave a city for the suburbs to use Suburban Jungle.

Samantha S.

Erika and everyone at suburban jungle was extremely helpful! We just purchased our first home and truly couldn’t have done it without them. Recommend 100%

Katie L.

I had a terrific experience working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle. She helped my family narrow down our choice of towns quickly, and all of her advice was spot on. We loved the realtor she recommended and we ended up buying the first house we saw. Even after we were in contract on our home, Alli went above and beyond to provide helpful information, including putting me in touch with a friend who lives in our new town, who quickly became my first friend in the area! I highly recommend Alli to anyone who is looking to relocate to the suburbs.

Sarah D.

Pamela Goldman was incredibly helpful in my family's move from San Francisco Bay Area to the East Bay. We found Suburban Jungle through a mom's group and can't believe such a perfect service existed and for free! Pamela took the time to get to know our family, our budget, our concerns, etc. She also asked insightful questions to help us prioritize what our needs were. She also was an unexpected source of support while we waded through a very difficult Real Estate market (Bay Area). We are so thrilled with where we landed and are so grateful that Pam helped us get there! If you are in California, I highly recommend taking advantage of this amazing service. Especially in a market like California where the real estate agents are hyperlocal it's so nice to find good agents you can trust if you are looking at several different areas. Thank you Pam and the entire Suburban Jungle team--you've made us so much more confident in our choice on where to raise our children.

Shanna C.

Suburban Jungle was an incredible resource for us as we began our homeownership search. We weren’t quite sure where to start looking but our Strategist asked all of the right questions and quickly put together recommended areas to review and a list of local real estate agents. Suburban Jungle’s consistent follow-up and flexibility as we explored lots of towns and asked lots of questions was invaluable. I highly recommend their free service for people looking to make the big leap from City life to the suburbs.

Emily K.

Suburban Jungle helped us change our lives! When we decided to look at neighborhoods in South Florida, considering a potential move from New York City, we got in touch and Melissa made time to help us plan a quick trip to look around. She was an indispensable resource, putting us in touch with local realtors who understood their quickly-changing markets and went above and beyond to help. In addition to helping us figure out what area would work best for our family, Melissa provided moral support, interior design advice and even introductions to locals who could give us even more advice! I don’t think we would have been able to accomplish pulling off a cross-country move in less than six months without all of this support. We are so happy that we made it happen and absolutely love living in Florida!

Alex G.

We had a great experience with Suburban Jungle. We dealt with Erika Ades who is very knowledgable and answered all our questions. We will definitely recommend her and this service to others!

J. Rodrigues

Their help to navigate the surroundings of New York City was priceless to us. We had long, nuanced conversations into what was important to our family, and what communities would fit better our needs. If you see yourself lost on where to even start looking, check with them, after the first call you will feel that you have now a compass in hands.

E. Sung

Incredibly helpful as we knew nothing about NYC suburbs. Helped us narrow down towns and saved us a ton of time and hassle. All agents were wonderful

Jeffrey M.

We worked with Suburban Jungle to relocate from the Bay Area to the Philly suburbs. It was a great experience since we had no knowledge of the area. They worked with us to tailor the areas to target based on our living style, budget for a home, and commute to work. It was an invaluable service that we continue to leverage well after our move!

Emma R.

I am so pleased that I reached out to Suburban Jungle last year. My family knew we were ready for a move to the suburbs (and more space), but had no idea which towns were a good fit for us, or even how to go about finding this out. We spoke with Barbara so many times throughout our search and she gave us such great advice and information about nearby towns. And always great food and ice cream recommendations :), not to mention a referral to a stellar real estate agent! We are in the process of closing on a house now and we are so excited to explore our new town.

Dani F.

We had a wonderful experience with Suburban Jungle over the last few years! Pam regularly checked in and always sent us the latest news and events for the towns we were interested in which really helped us narrow our search. Connecting with real moms in the area was great too and they set us up with our real estate agent who was fantastic. 5 stars for this team!

Keara T.

I had heard people mention suburban jungle so many times, but didn't quite understand how valuable of a resource they would be until I started working with Allison Levine. I loved how she dug into my husband and my upbringing and lifestyle to think about the type of town we would most enjoy. She hit the nail on the head and long story short, we ended up buying in 1 of the 3 towns she recommended. Throughout the whole process, she kept checking in, making me feel less stressed when we kept losing houses. She connected me to local moms and most all, the best realtor in town. I have recommended SJ to so many friends. It's an incredible business idea, and you get nothing but value from them.

Caitlin, Purposeful Nomad

We recently moved from the west coast to the Boston area and trying to figure out where we wanted to live was a daunting task. We found Barbara at Suburban Jungle and it made the whole process SO much easier. She suggested towns to look at and provided amazing realtors for each community. She consistently checked up on us along the way and was always there if we needed anything. We are just about to close on a home in a town we love and Suburban Jungle helped get us there. Highly recommend using their services if you aren't sure what town or community you want to live in. They really help navigating finding your perfect community.

​​Jacob M.

Was very helpful in info before our move to Boston, giving intros to the surrounding area and in touch with multiple agents. All recommendations were spot on and has really made our move as smooth as it could possibly be!

​​Amy S.

I worked with Melissa through Suburban Jungle and had a great experience. She introduced me to two realtors on really short notice (3-4 days!), And they were both friendly and knowledgeable. We ended up closing on a home 7 days later! Melissa was also super helpful with vendor recommendations after we made the move. Everything worked out so smoothly and we are enjoying getting to know our new community!

​​Deborah C.

Suburban Jungle introduced me to neighborhoods I didn't even consider and connected me to the most extraordinary realtor. In process of buying now and really happy with the home and location.

Rachel K.

We got very helpful tours and insights into a number of towns and ultimately were matched with an incredibly skilled and experienced realtor who really got our family and what we were looking for. We could not be happier with the town we chose and the amazing house we got. Highly recommend Suburban Jungle.

Danny B.

In a very difficult market, it was a pleasure to work with Allison and her team at suburban jungle. Allison is super professional, extremely responsive, and was able to quickly zero in on the areas that met my criteria. The team of real estate agents that work with Suburban Jungle are also top-notch, and I felt like I was well taken care of each step of the way.

Sarah K.

It was so awesome to work with Sarah Roggie. I was fully overwhelmed by the prospect of looking for homes and trying to find a neighborhood that would work for my family and me. She listened to all my crazy considerations and really took them into account when she made suggestions. She set us up with multiple realtors that were very helpful as we tried to get a handle on the market. We searched for 6 months before we found the right home for us and she was consistently checking in throughout the process to make sure we were on the right track. I can't recommend her and Suburban Jungle enough!

John S.

My wife and I worked with The Suburban Jungle Group, specifically with team member Jodi Bloom, during the process of purchasing our first home (which we just completed last week!). Jodi saw to it personally that my wife and I were matched up with the perfect realtor for us, one who knew the areas in which we were looking to buy, as well as would get to know us and what is important to us. Jodi made that happen, and we believe it was unlikely we could have come upon the perfect realtor for us without Jodi's help. Jodi also took the time and energy to reach out to us throughout the whole process and check in - and we so appreciated that extra kindness and professionalism. I would say for anyone who is considering moving, it is a must to start with The Suburban Jungle Group, and if it's possible to request Jodi Bloom, I would go right ahead and say make working with her a priority! Working with her felt more like working with family, right off the bat, and you will be so glad that you did.

Emily S.

We had a great experience with Suburban Jungle! Eleanor took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. We were considering a big move and trying to find a suburb that was a perfect mix of urban/suburban. She gave us some great suggestions of towns to check out and also told us some fun events that were going on while we were checking out the towns. She helped make the process of finding our perfect town fun and connected us with several realtors in the area. We couldn't be happier with where we ended up! I highly recommend reaching out to Suburban Jungle if you're thinking of making a move out of the city!

Heather M.

Allison was super helpful narrowing down our aimless search into something actionable. We are lucky to have had her as a resource!

Katie T.

We had a very good experience working with Alli. She was a good listener and willing to work with us until we found a good fit. Generous with her time and quick to respond, I would recommend SJ and her to anyone looking to transition into moving out of a city and exploring places.

Sarah A.

Barbara and Suburban Jungle are worth their weight in gold. Barbara was invaluable and critical to our next home search in Boston. We would still be googling and trying to narrow our search if not for the insights, expert knowledge and connections Barbara provided. I could not have imagined a smoother, stress free process. Getting connected with top notch realtors both for the purchase of our new home and sale of our condo eliminated so much stress and worry. We are exceedingly grateful for all of the support. Thank you!

Kristen C.

Allison Levine was the best - was with us every step of the way. And she also found us a broker that found us a home! thank you so much.

Patton C.

Alli Levine and Suburban Jungle was great. Immediately responsive, understanding of our situation and needs, and hit the nail on the head right away. The first town Alli sent us to was the perfect fit, and she connected us with a broker that also understood our situation and helped us move quickly on a great house. Hugely helpful from start to finish.

Adam G.

We would highly recommend Suburban Jungle for anyone that is searching for their suburban hometown. Eleanor was extremely helpful, informative and also suggested a town where we ended up moving (and are really enjoying!) as well as a great broker. She definitely understood what we were looking for. Eleanor also checked in regularly throughout the process to see how everything was going. Overall great experience!

Jen W.

We had a great experience working with Maya and her team. We were first time homebuyers and our search spanned over 3 years and 3 states in the tri-state. We didn't find Suburban Jungle until the last 6 months of the process. My initial call with Suburban Jungle helped give us some ideas and guided us to look in new areas we hadn't considered. When we had a change of heart about location, Maya made herself readily available and connected us to wonderful contacts who guided us on neighborhood and real estate. When questions came up later in the homebuying process Maya continued to make herself readily available and we felt her answers were very honest and well-rounded (we didn't feel pushed in any direction). The broker referral she made (who wound up working with us on our home purchase) was amazing and also had the best advice and referrals (lawyers, service providers etc.). We'd highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone in any stage of the homebuying process.

Jennifer K.

Working with Allison Levine was wonderful and I don’t think my family could have found our new home in Connecticut without her. With a very small window of time to find a house, two small children and doing everything virtually from Florida, Allison was able to narrow down our search and determine the right town for us. Within a week, we viewed several homes online and then flew to CT for two short days in which we found our perfect house. It was a hugely nerve racking experience to do things so quickly but with Allison’s knowledge, counseling and incredible warmth and kindness, we pulled it all off and are so happy in our new home!

Tina S.

Our decision to move from NY to Florida couldn't have happened without Suburban Jungle! I came across Melissa Schneider's 'story' on Facebook and was drawn to her honesty, courage and relatability. After what I thought would be an informative call, it immediately turned into a two hour conversation about everything and anything Florida. She helped us understand the different areas of South Florida, narrow down communities, connect us with parents at various schools, and be my go-to person for every other detail of this move (including pediatricians, dentists, orthodontists, sport activities and much more!). Melissa's passion for helping others through this process is vibrant and I couldn't have done this without her! Thank you Suburban Jungle for helping us make this happen!

Christina A.

Allison was so helpful in narrowing down our search of communities in Westchester! We never would have looked at the town we ended up in if it weren’t for her guidance. We are so grateful! She checked in with us regularly and we always knew she was available for any questions/ advice. We’d recommend her and suburban jungle to anyone navigating the jump to the suburbs.

Laura H.

Working with Suburban Jungle was fantastic. They offered us enormous time, insight, specific and personal guidance, as well as connecting us with locals who could answer even more detailed questions. They set us up with great local realtors who knew the market and successfully navigated us through it (during a really competitive time). Erika's advice to us was spot on, and we wound up finding a home in the perfect town for us - the town she had first recommended. So grateful to have worked with them. Can't recommend highly enough.

Anna S.

Eleanor and her team at Suburban Jungle were incredible to work with during our first home buying experience. They were extremely friendly, informative and reliable. It was comforting to know that we were in the best hands throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Carly G.

Allison was an amazing resource and helped us find a perfect fit!

Alison L.

Suburban Jungle was such a valuable resource in our Westchester search. They patiently connected us with contacts in the various towns so that we could learn more about them and hone in on the right fit.

Maria L.

I worked with Suburban Jungle for the better part of a year. From identifying towns and personalized consultations with Barbara in Boston, to connecting us with a realtor who helped us close on a house 3 weeks after arriving in Massachusetts from Arizona, Suburban Jungle helped me transform my scattered cross-country moving plan into a reality! I’m so glad I came across their company online and would recommend them to anyone considering a major relocation.

Andrea D.

Great experience! Thank you Suburban Jungle, will recommend!

Kari V.

We started our home search in July of 2020 and weren’t sure where to turn. A friend suggested suburban jungle and we’re so happy we listened. The beginning was a little rocky since we didn’t mesh well initially with one of their strategists but they quickly contacted us to resolve the issue and connected us with Alli who was wonderful. Through Alli we met Shari who ended up being our local agent in Rockland. Shari is absolutely fantastic! We’re over the moon to share that we are currently under contract on our first home. Thank you Shari and Suburban Jungle for holding our hand throughout this entire process.

The Curiale Family

A few years ago when our twin boys were about 2 years old we decided to do some research on moving out of the city. We knew we wouldn't do it right away but wanted to wrap our heads around what it looked like. We spoke with Patti from Suburban Jungle and I remember the first phone call the questions she asked were so on point, and she understood right away how we felt about leaving the city. The towns she recommended we explore all spoke to us, but we found one in particular that we knew was the one! Over the course of the past few years we kept in touch and a few months ago we started our search seriously. Patti has kept us sane during this! She told me to keep going and not settle for somewhere else, go with what we love. We appreciate her guidance so much. We have now closed on a house! I couldn't have done it without her!! Thank you Patti!!! We are forever grateful.

Amar K.

This team helped us narrow down our target list of suburbs and, more importantly, connected us to two fantastic realtors who helped us find a great home. All at no cost to us! If it seems too good to be true, it's because they have found a really creative way to support home buyers and connect them with high quality agents in the target communities. I have already recommended several friends to this company and will continue to do so!

Alison J.

We reached out to Suburban Jungle when we couldn't decide where to live... my husband worked in the South Bay, but I worked in the City... and we had no connections to a real estate professional. We scheduled a 45-minute meeting with Pamela Goldman, she was very professional, knowledgeable, and really took the time to understand our background and desires. She was open and flexible and gave us a few pointers for the South Bay. We spent a half day touring a South Bay suburb and realized it wasn't for us... so Pam connected us with a real estate agent in San Francisco Bay Area who was a perfect fit for our family/personality. It took a little over a year, but we have found the perfect house, right in the heart of the Inner Sunset/near Golden Gate Park, and couldn't be more pleased with our experience. I would highly recommend Suburban Jungle for those inquisitive of leaving the City, or who need a good real estate agent match / justification for staying in the City. Pam stayed connected with us throughout the process to ensure we were experiencing positive interactions and confidence with our decision to stay in the City. Thanks, Pam!

Peter Z.

We could not have bought our house without the help of the realtors we were paired with from Suburban Jungle. The realtor we purchased with was fantastic, and knew the market, builders, everything you needed to know to make a wise decision. This helped us attack a difficult market effectively and get our home in almost record time in this competitive market! If you are looking for a realtor, you must use Suburban Jungle. They will absolutely give you the best chance at winning your dream home.

Andrea C.

Working with Suburban Jungle to find our new home turned out to be the best choice we could have made. Figuring out where we wanted to be was daunting and they helped us do that research and narrow down our search to a few towns that fit our criteria. They set us up with an excellent real estate agent to help us find the perfect home (amid a pandemic, no less!) and we could not be happier with where we ended up! Thank you Suburban Jungle (Erika!)!

Jill M.

Erika Ades was amazing at guiding us on our move out of the city. Even though I grew up in the tri state area, so much has changed since my childhood. We needed advice on what towns are like today. Suburban Jungle made everything smooth less from setting us up on tours of each town to following up on our questions and ultimately helping us find our home. It was a fabulous service and I highly recommend it.

Elyssa M.

I can’t say enough good things about Alli at Suburban Jungle NYC and Vanessa our local realtor through Suburban Jungle. Buying a home during the pandemic with a toddler was pretty stressful and they made the process fun and actually enjoyable. We weren’t sure where we wanted to live and they guided us through many potential neighborhoods and helped answer every question we had. And we had a lot ha. They supported us in probably the craziest buying market and were always there when we started to feel like we’d never find something. We wound up finding the perfect house and honestly have them to thank. Cannot recommend them enough!!

Robert V.

My wife and I recently moved from NYC to Princeton, NJ and Robin from Suburban Jungle was incredibly helpful in narrowing down where we wanted to live, as well as introducing us to valuable contacts, such as our real estate agent.

Adriana S.

My husband and I knew we were ready for the NY suburbs but had no idea where to start. As foreigners we had very little knowledge of areas outside of the city and were overwhelmed with the choices. Allison was just what we needed! In our first phone call she got to know us - what our priorities were, if we had any anchors to any particular areas, what schools we were considering for our kids etc... and recommended several areas she thought we'd be well suited to. She then put us in touch with several realtors in those areas to arrange tours. The area we settled on it turns out was the one she later told us that she could definitely see us in - great instincts and such a breadth of knowledge of the vast suburbs in the tristate area. Allison was incredibly helpful from the start right up until signing the contract on our home, and beyond. We are so grateful to her and highly recommend her and the Suburban Jungle team.

Justin K.

We worked with Allison and she was super helpful! After hearing our needs, she guided us through the process of picking suburbs to explore and then connected us with a wonderful real estate agent who gave us expert tours of the towns we were interested in. Allison was really patient and knowledgeable, and Suburban Jungle has wonderful resources about every suburb. We'd highly recommend working with Allison and the SJ team!


Melissa from Suburban Jungle in Florida is an absolute STAR. I never knew what I was missing in my search for my new home until I met her. She’s intelligent, professional, trustworthy and just overall highly competent. Coming from a lifelong NYer who was looking to move down to Florida remotely and during a pandemic, I thought this process would be an absolute nightmare. I’m also a complete control freak who needs to know every detail of everything. Melissa made this process as easy as possible while coordinating everything for us seamlessly. Most importantly, I trusted her and continue to trust her…so much so that I recommended my mom work with her to find her new home as well. She is the best and has been a pleasure to work with. Suburban Jungle, you are beyond lucky to have her!

Keren H.

I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Suburban Jungle! Working with Allison Levine was a great experience. She helped us narrow down our search and tailor it to what we were looking for in a home. She listens, supports, and truly cares. Working with Allison felt more like working with an incredibly knowledgeable friend who has the inside scoop! Highly recommend!

Lauren C.

After 14 years of living in Manhattan, our plan was always to move our family to the NYC suburbs. Then COVID hit and our plans accelerated, although we weren't sure which town would be the right fit. Suburban Jungle, and Alli specifically, helped us narrow down our search based on things we didn't even realize were important to us (school size, train vs. bus commute for eventually returning to the office, mom and pop vs. big box store accessibility, etc.). Between our phone conversations with Alli and the detailed dashboard, the process was truly stress-free and enjoyable. We were set up with our amazing realtor and just closed on our house last week. We are so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives and owe a lot to SJ and Alli for guiding us!

Mark F.

We worked with Allison Levine at the very beginning of our process of exploring many different communities in NJ. She helped educate us on the various towns, put us in contact with many local market brokers who were all great fits, and ultimately saw us through to a successful closing. High recommended.

Mollie O.

I so appreciated Suburban Jungle’s insight, assistance and patience as we navigated a long town and house search process. We ended up in an area and town we wouldn’t have considered but feel is perfect for our needs! We’ve connected with various agents in their network in towns all around NYC and only had positive experiences. Best of all for a consumer - this is a free service! Don’t hesitate to reach out, even as an added layer of insight and advice in your town and home search process!

Lauren C.

Robin Hoberman was great to work with! She helped us focus our search as we are making the move from Brooklyn to the suburbs. She has been a wealth of knowledge and she continues to be my go-to person whenever I have questions!

Bill F.

Worked with Alli from Suburban Jungle. Helped us really explore different neighborhoods and figure out which place really fit our vibe. Then connected us with AWESOME agents and eventually helped us find a home! Great to have a point person to circle back and help us reflect on our experience and help coordinate everything. Recommend them to everyone!

Kate H.

I am so grateful that I found Suburban Jungle! When moving from NYC to CT, I was so focused on finding the right house - not necessarily the right town. When we moved from CT to MA, I found Suburban Jungle - working with an expert strategist to help us understand different towns and neighborhoods was such a different experience. From there, we were connected with a fabulous agent to find the right house in one of our top towns. Even though the market right now is wild, she was with us every step of the way - and we have found our dream home!

Amy N.

When we moved from San Francisco Bay Area to NY, we did not know which town would suit us best. Suburban Jungle helped us figure out the towns that we would like and connected us with an agent that was able to get us the house we wanted in a sought after location. I would highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone relocating from a city!

J L.

I worked with Lauren Wight regarding a potential relo to Dallas, Texas. Lauren was informative, professional, and very responsive. She referred me to a fantastic real estate agent, who showed me several homes in different neighborhoods that fit my needs. I highly recommend Lauren!

Bridget M.

We worked with Robin Hoberman on and off for 3 years. She set us up with tours in multiple towns in NJ and in queens. She sent us information on all the towns and was always available if we had questions or needed more information. I can’t even believe she had the patience to keep working with us! Our parameters changed a lot since we originally were looking for a multi family home in nj, then a single family, then a multi family in queens and then finally, we found our single family home in nj. I highly recommend working with her. She is a wealth of information and knows so much about towns in nj, nyc, westchester and Long Island!

Marzia A.

I’ve lived in the same 20 mile radius my entire life so the idea of moving to another state terrified me! I had heard of Suburban Jungle through a friend so I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did! I was connected with Melissa Schneider to discuss South Florida. Melissa took the time to get to know me and what my needs and wants were. She was down to earth, easy to talk to and I felt like she had a real understanding of what I was looking for. She helped me narrow down my search to a few towns. When I visited these towns, they were exactly as she had described. She connected me with realtors who were equally as helpful and professional. Melissa maintained contact with me every step of the way. I truly enjoyed working with her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suburban Jungle to a friend!

Melissa H.

Working with Suburban Jungle has made the home buying experience a good one. My strategist has helped me consider areas I might not have and connected me with other knowledgeable people along the way. I've learned so much about the process, some real estate terminology (so I'm not surprised), and just overall being confident in my decision. Thank you for making a program like this available for a homebuying novice like myself.

Jacqueline D.

We really valued our experience with Suburban Jungle. My partner and I knew we wanted to buy a home but didn't know where to start (first time homebuyers!). Our biggest question was "Where?". Barbara was so helpful in understanding what we had envisioned for ourselves and made recommendations based on our geographical and lifestyle preferences. One of the most valuable experiences is being connected to real estate agents who gave us tours of different towns and neighborhoods. It was so helpful seeing neighborhoods come to life in person and helped us decide which towns we wanted to narrow our search in. Barbara was extremely accommodating as we went back and forth on a few towns and was responsive to our changing needs. Though the home buying process is inevitably a stressful (but exciting!) process, having another person to guide us through the process really made us feel like we were making the best decision for us. Thank you Barbara and the rest of the team for your insights and support!

Sweta J.

Our Suburban Jungle consultant was knowledgeable, patient and really helped us narrow down our home search. I have no hesitation in recommending the platform for both good quality content and great service.

Michael R.

We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle. We had a good idea of what towns we were interested in, but even knowing that piece found great value in the partnership. They connected us with realtors that were highly professional and true experts in their field. We’ve had the best experience and look forward to enjoying our new home.

Lindsay S.

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience using Suburban Jungle and in working with our strategist, Robin Hoberman. We have referred this service to several couples thinking about moving out of the city and all have been very happy as well. We first were introduced to Robin several years back when we started to slowly think about life outside of the city. Robin was extremely receptive, informative, and knowledgeable when speaking about towns we should consider based on our suburban wish list. We fell in love with several towns that she suggested we see and we enjoyed working with the realtors that she connected us with in those areas. Robin (and all the individuals we connected with through Suburban Jungle) were always very eager/willing to get on the phone with us to discuss any questions/concerns that we had. In the end we ended up in a town that Robin suggested we consider when we first spoke with her several years back and we could not be more excited!

Client K.

The Suburban Jungle Team has been very helpful with our home search. The advice we received from our Strategist, Eleanor Johnson, was very helpful and we like the fact that the focus is on finding the community that we can live, not just focusing only on the home. We have finally settled in our new home and we really enjoy it so far. We definitely recommend our friends who are looking for a new home to seek consultations from the Suburban Jungle Team.

Margaret I.

We were so thrilled to have the help of Suburban Jungle during our home search. My husband and I and our two small children were moving out of NYC and we didn’t know where or how to start looking for a new home as first-time homeowners. Long Island, New Jersey, and most of Westchester County were options but that still left us overwhelmed by the sheer number of towns to consider, and a lot of moving complexities. After our initial conversation, we felt reassured, knowing that we would have a knowledgable and helpful team to guide us through to find the right home in the right town. It was wonderful to talk to someone who could give us specific insight about each location and offer a local’s perspective. Suburban Jungle stayed with us throughout our multiple-year search, including through the shifting market during the pandemic, giving us valuable advice each step of the way, connecting us with great agents, and altering our strategy as needed when we started to narrow the search. It was particularly valuable to have them with us as we continued our search remotely out-of-state and weren’t able to do on-site visits. We ended up with a wonderful agent in Scarsdale who continues to be amazing in helping us settle into our new home and navigate our new town. We’re so excited to have found our ideal home- a perfect fit!

Michelle S.

Melissa with Suburban Jungle was amazing! I've relocated previously without SJ and only wish I had them back then. When I came across their services, I had to reach out knowing we were moving. I was connected to Melissa Schneider to discuss south Florida. She was great! Very responsive, knowledgeable about the area and friendly. She provided ins and outs for a number of areas and neighborhoods and connected me with great agents to work with. Even after settling on an area and home, she stayed in touch and provided great recommendations. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Veronika C.

We have had the most amazing experience with Melissa, and flawless search for our new home by the agent we were matched with. It was hands down the quickest we could ever think of getting a house and a neighborhood of our dreams. After initial conversation and telling we would like to get a house within next 2 months, I thought someone would laugh it off. Have you seen the market in FL nowadays?!? Real estate gets sold before it’s even posted anywhere. It’s a seller’s market, but that also means the inventory is low, the prices are high, the bidding wars are on. That’s when the great agent with knowledge of the game steps in! Of course, we could have found a thousand of agents to represent our interest. But ours was just above and beyond. I truly believe in suburban jungle they do a great work on selecting and hiring top notch agents, who also care about your experience. Melissa always called and texted to check on us. She was always up to date on any new developments, and followed our journey throughout the whole process. Mind you, we were buying from out of state, never met the woman (but planning to change that soon), and I felt like I knew her for years. Fast forward, here we are enjoying our most amazing home in the most amazing community! Melissa was SO spot on when she heard about our lifestyle and preferences, and said “I think this would be perfect for you!”. Of course we looked at few other places and various counties even. But Melissa knew even before we did, that this place is “perfect for us”. That’s what I called a pro! I’d like to add, there are many companies who try to sell, up-sell and oversell, and as soon as they get their money, they don’t care. Melissa is genuinely involved from start to finish and even after. From what I could tell, she receives satisfaction while helping people find their happiness in a new home. Bravo and thank you so so much Melissa! 👏🏼

Otis C.

Had a wonderful experience with Suburban Jungle. We started out looking for a place to rent in the NYC suburbs and they were extremely helpful at identifying places that fit our budget and meet our needs. But as the pandemic stretched on, our circumstances changed, and we decided to buy instead. Suburban Jungle was very helpful on this front as well, connecting us with Realtors in all the locations we were considering. We ultimately chose Port Washington, worked with a wonderful realtor, and are now in contract to buy a house. Great experience every step of the way!

Rimjhim D.

Allison Levine has been super helpful in identifying towns for us and connecting us to property agents . She is super responsive and very professional. Overall great experience working with Suburban Jungle.

Mary Beth O.

From start to finish Suburban Jungle helped guide us down the path we wanted but didn't know where we even needed to start. Maya spent the time going through what our family was looking for and listened so she could provide us with the right options. She made great suggestions, was honest and beyond helpful. She paired us up with Shaun who gave us so much of her time and guided us through the process when we found the home we wanted. We are so happy to have worked with both of them! I would highly recommend using Suburban Jungle!

Kate S.

We had been planning on moving to the suburbs in a couple of years. When COVID happened, we began to reassess our plans and decided that we needed to start looking sooner rather than later. We knew we wanted to move to New Jersey and had an idea of towns we wanted to explore. A colleague of mine told me about Suburban Jungle and we decided to give it a shot to help us narrow our search and educate us about the towns we were considering. This is how we met Alli Levine. Alli was amazing to work with! She spent more than an hour on the phone with us, trying to better understand who we are and what we’re looking for. She then set us up with a dashboard with a ton of useful information about each town and, most importantly for us, introduced us to great local realtors. Thanks to Alli and our wonderful Westfield agent, Kristen, we’re moving into our new home in 2 weeks, less than 4 months after our first conversation with Alli.

Rebecca S.

My family and I had the best experience working with Melissa Schneider and Suburban Jungle! We relocated from NYC to South Florida in the middle of COVID, which was daunting to say the least! She was so helpful throughout the whole process and continued to give us so much support when we arrived. Can’t say enough great things about this service!

Joslyn D.

Katie Cranis was the ideal person to work with as we were considering our move from California to Austin. She was able to listen to our list of needs and direct our focus to the most desirable areas to best suit our lifestyle and budget. She helped us weigh our options by providing local insider information that isn’t easy to find with a basic google search. Moving a family can be overwhelming but she helped me feel reassured that we were making the right choices. She connected us with an amazing realtor who has expertise in all areas of Austin and planned a whirlwind scouting weekend. Because of Katie’s help and advice, we had an efficient and productive visit to Austin which resulted in us finding the perfect home. Katie has continued to provide helpful guidance as we are working on transitioning our family to the Austin area and helping our kids settle in with schools, sports and activities. I would highly recommend working with Katie!

Stephen Y.

Amazing free service. Really helped hone where we should be looking based on multiple factors. They had the info on what was taking me months to piece together. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Naomi Y.

As a first time home buyer, the process can be daunting and overwhelming. Suburban Jungle helped ease my fears and make the process as smooth as possible. Allison L. did an amazing job of helping me find what I was looking for. Not only was she very friendly and personable, she took her time listening to me and finding out what it is I wanted! She matched me with a perfect realtor and I found my first home! I am very pleased with this service and I cannot say enough about Suburban Jungle. Thank you!

Jamie J.

Overall amazing experience with Suburban Jungle! I was between two locations to relocate from NYC. The Suburban Jungle team in both locations was fantastic and helpful from the jump. Their realtor connections were fabulous as well. Would use the service again and recommend to my friends!

Laine E.

We had such a great experience with Heather and Suburban Jungle! We needed to move from Nashville to Chicago mid-pandemic, which made it an especially stressful situation. Heather helped us confirm the suburb we wanted to live in, and then recommended a real estate agent to us who was extremely helpful. We ended up buying a house sight-unseen, and were happily relieved to find that we loved the house and the neighborhood once we arrived! Suburban Jungle made the moving process possible!

Melanie K.

Our growing family needed help finding a community that we would be excited about moving to. We had lived in NYC for 20 years and had zero clue where we would relocate so we did what we always did...procrastinate. We finally contacted suburban jungle during peak covid lockdown and was put in touch with Patti Nattis. Right from the start, Patti was amazing to talk with; very approachable, highly knowledgeable, and honest. She put us in contact with great brokers and was my point person for everything from neighborhoods to schools to camps to hair salons and everything in between. She has been super supportive, welcoming, and helpful every step of the way and I always feel comfortable contacting her even after we purchased our first home in December 2020.

Andrew S.

Heather Jagher and team helped us move from our Chicago condo to the western suburbs. After 16 years in the city, what we initially thought would be a daunting and complex task (i.e. two kids 5yo and 2yo, 2020, etc), ended up being a simplified, manageable, and enjoyable journey through Heather's help. She took the time early on to understand our relocation goals and timing. Based on our discussions, she then referred us to agents residing in the towns and neighborhoods for which we had interests. The two agents (Amy and Lori) we would eventually meet and work with in the West and North, were very effective, friendly, and genuine in partnering with us during our search, and we plan to keep in touch further as friends. We would recommend Suburban Jungle for anyone looking to move from the city and explore the suburbs. Thank you!

Lindsay G.

My family could not be happier with our experience with Suburban Jungle! Everyone we worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, a lot of fun to talk to. You can tell they not only take pride in their work, they really enjoy it as well. After our first phone call, our wonderful representative Allison recommended a few towns we hadn’t even been considering—and we are forever grateful, because we just closed on our perfect house yesterday! I have already recommended Suburban Jungle to a few friends, and will continue to do so for anyone looking to trade in city life for a home in the suburbs. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Gaurav Y.

It was fantastic working with Allison. She was able to identify towns for me based on the criteria I set across the tri state area. I looked at many different houses with 3 different agents across 3 states. All the realtors were extremely professional, responsive and patient. As it turned out I settled for a place in NJ!! Many thanks Suburban Jungle!

Jamie B.

For a variety of reasons - including virtual working - we were looking to move out of our 1 bed NYC apartment and were considering relocating. I read about Suburban Jungle in the Daily Mail and gave them a call. We were considering South Florida, Scottsdale or somewhere else. Eventually we zeroed in on South Florida and Melissa - our Suburban Jungle advisor who is beyond helpful and professional - guided us to Boca where we ended buying a house a few weeks ago. Our lives have completely changed for the better and I doubt we'd have ended up where we have without Suburban Jungle. If you're looking to move, I would strongly (strongly) recommend giving Suburban Jungle a call. They have a network of local experts/advisors with deep knowledge of their area, who can advise you on every aspect of living there. They never charged me a dollar and no paperwork. It's a great concept and I'm not aware of anything else like it. They are essentially lifestyle advisors and their incentives are aligned with yours, i.e. to find you the right place for you to live. We are very happy with the realtors they connected us to and Melissa continues to be an incredible resource, several weeks after closing.

Flávia C.

This was a great experience from start to finish. Erika Ades, our strategist, was so helpful for my family move-out-of-the-city process. She helped us figure out which suburbs to look in. After the first contact, she indicated some suburbs and I discarded one because it was more distant. However, she insisted that I keep it and give it a try. Well, our family has fallen in love with the city and that's where we're moving to. In addition to all the support, Erika connected us with other locals in the area. And she set us up with our real estate agent Dana who was marvelous. We had an amazing experience and highly recommend it if you are trying to navigate the suburbs.

Srini K.

Suburban Jungle was an awesome experience for us. We had great chats (at least twice) with Barbara, who understood our needs and recommended cities & a realtor for us. The realtor we were matched with went above and beyond to help us find our dream home.

Amy S.

We have lived in NYC for over 20 years, so when the serious talks about leaving for the suburbs came up we felt lucky to discover Suburban Jungle. Our experience has been wonderful. Working with Robin Hoberman was the best thing that could happen to us. She was so knowledgeable, patient, and helpful, and really understood what we were looking for in a town. And she connected us with outstanding people in the towns we were interested in. Moving out of our beloved city is overwhelming, but we have felt supported and confident in this decision thanks to the Suburban Jungle team. They gave us all the tools we needed to be comfortable with this huge life change. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for giving us this opportunity to confidently move forward with the next chapter of our lives.

Alan K.

Very helpful. Would recommend. We moved out of NYC and wanted a good place to land.

Dorian M.

Had an amazing experience with suburban jungle. Highly recommend if you are trying to navigate the suburbs.

Mariel G.

My husband and I recently used Suburban Jungle to help us decide what NJ town to move to. From my first call with Alli Levine, it was clear that SJ was a wealth of information. Alli took time to listen to our wants in a town, a house, and a real estate agent. She connected us with other locals in the area. And she set us up with our real estate agent (Jillian) who was FABULOUS. We are so happy to be newly settled in our home. Thanks so much to Alli and Jillian for helping us along the way!

Rio G.

Suburban Jungle was the perfect agency (free for the buyer!) to help us figure out the perfect suburb for my family having lived in NYC for almost a decade and more recently in Chicago. Heather Jagher hooked us up with a few great real estate agents, and we had great chemistry with one in particular. Heather and Pat together helped us to feel at ease as first time home buyers, patiently answering all of our questions and going beyond to provide us with information that we wouldn't have known to ask for. We not only saw properties, but toured potential neighborhoods we could be living in. These ladies helped us to identify our needs vs. wants without pushing us to sway outside of the vision we had for our new life as homeowners, and both have even kept in touch to help us out since closing into our move. NONE of it on our dime! If you’re in any urban region looking to move, we recommend Suburban Jungle to help you find your perfect neighborhood 100%!!!

Paul G.

Picking up and moving my family and my business came with huge amounts of stress. A big part of that stress in the early stages was the overwhelming feeling of getting lost in the house hunt. It was no coincidence that shortly after I connected with Melissa Schneider from Suburban Jungle, things began to fall into place and pretty quickly. Not only was she able to find us the perfect neighborhood and agent to work with, she was able to get us informed about and connected to things like schools, restaurants, and anything else we needed. She was extremely responsive and available anytime, and it was clear that we were more than another client to her, she really does care about not just finding the neighborhood and the agent, but making sure that the transition is as smooth as can be. We are so happy we found her and Suburban Jungle!

Aileen D.

I was working with Suburban Jungle to explore the NYC suburbs. Then in 2020, we ended up being in Florida for our annual vacation and decided to stay. I was connected with Melissa Schneider, who brought calm and reassurance to such a daunting time. She instantly understood me! She is so relatable, and has a natural talent to connect with people. Not only did she introduce me to a realtor but also has become my resource to all things South Florida- doctors, activities for the kids...she is always willing to answer questions. I can’t recommend the service enough and certainly can’t recommend Melissa enough! All it takes is one conversation with her and anyone would agree. Thanks Suburban Jungle and Melissa Schneider!!


This was a great experience from start to finish. Erika was extremely knowledgeable and eased the anxiety when it came to home buying AND selling. She put us in touch with the best professionals. I highly recommend this service. They know what they’re doing!

Nili G.

Maya has been on this journey of finding the perfect suburban neighborhood with my family for 3 years. She had multiple conversations with me on the phone answering every question I had. She was patient and gave me honest information. We finally settled in Westchester and couldn't be happier.

Emmanuela B.

This service was amazing! Being native Brooklynites we had no clue about the suburbs. Suburban jungle helped us to narrow down our search and connected us with a fantastic realtor. They were super responsive and addressed all our needs. Would highly recommend using them for your move out of the city.

André D.

We used Suburban Jungle to guide us through our decision making to get more space for our growing family. They helped us understand the essence of each neighborhood and got us in touch with an amazing agent in our target area who held our hand every step of the way. This is an amazing service and it's free! Can't beat that!

Erica L.

A free service that helps you connect with various towns, agents, and helps you thru the buying process. Can't beat free! Everyone was super nice and helpful, definitely worth exploring if you want to learn more about suburbs.

Ronit P.

Was a pleasure to work with! So grateful I found you!

Jessica G.

My husband and I decided to make a life changing move in the middle of a pandemic and relocate to southern Florida. But, we didn’t know ANYTHING about the area and couldn’t even visit to see it in person. We had worked with Suburban Jungle when we moved out of the city to the suburbs a number of years ago and I was delighted to find out that they now have representation all over the country. Enter Melissa Schneider who spent hours over countless phone calls painting a picture of all of the different areas, the pros and the cons, the various lifestyles and the types of people that live in each area... and it was so vivid that we were able to picture ourselves living there, from across the country. Melissa instinctively “got me” - she understood right from the get go what would appeal to our family, what our needs are, what we were looking for in a community and where we should focus our search. We literally would never have been able to make the move without her guidance. And, since we’ve moved she’s become my go to resource for all things from pediatricians to colorists! If you are considering a move to south Florida, Melissa Schneider is your girl!

Danielle P.

My husband got a transfer from NJ to South Florida. We had never been any further in FL then Orlando. We didn’t know anything about any of the areas and had no idea where to start. I found Suburban Jungle on a Facebook page and decided to give it a shot. Melissa contacted me immediately and we connected so easily because we had the same NY NJ background. She was able to listen to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions, which I had tons. She was able to ask enough questions about us and our lifestyle to narrow down the area to concentrate on. Melissa continued to check on us thru the entire process. She set us up with a realtor who helped us find our dream rental on the beach. We can’t thank Melissa enough for her expertise and professionalism as well as ongoing friendship😎

Amanda D.

We had a great experience with Suburban Jungle. Robin was amazing! She communicated often and made the whole experience so easy. She connected us to an amazing realtor, we had a great city tour and an unbelievably seamless experience overall. As first time homebuyers, this is just what we needed!

Toni M.

I worked with Jodi at Suburban Jungle and she really helped me understand the area which we knew nothing about! She connected me with a fabulous realtor who was able to get us a house in a heated market.

Molly R.

Suburban Jungle is phenomenal. I originally reached out to Suburban Jungle over a year ago when my husband and I were thinking of making a move out of the city. We set up tours in Maplewood, Montclair, New Rochelle, Pelham and Stamford. We met with different agents in all of these areas, who know the towns and the markets. It was immensely helpful to meet with agents who specialize in these areas—and talk to our Suburban Jungle agent about our wants and needs. Suburban Jungle’s focus is finding the right town, not house, based on what your family needs and wants. When we finally put an offer in on a house in June, Maya reminded us about what was important to us—without being pushy—and we eventually got the house and closed in August. I have recommended Suburban Jungle to friends and I highly recommend them if you’re overwhelmed by the New York suburban real estate market—even if you’re not thinking of making a move for a while.

Cody O.

My family and I had such a wonderful experience with Suburban Jungle. They spoke to us two years before we were ready to buy a home and were with us throughout the entire process. We were connected to a wonderful realtor who was able to find us a beautiful home in an area we never even knew existed before we started this process. We had personalized service from beginning to end and just closed on our first home. We cannot thank you enough!

Rita A.

As a native of Michigan who moved to the city of Chicago for professional reasons and ended up staying for personal reasons, I had no idea if or where I ever wanted to leave the City to raise my family. I had read about Suburban Jungle and since there was no commitment in just talking to someone, I gave them a call. They were amazing from the start. Heather at Suburban Jungle was especially a dream come true. She walked me through what a move would be like, talked me through the type of areas a "city" person like myself might like and touched on all my concerns. She even put me in touch with a realtor (Anne) who she thought I would click with. I cannot tell you how amazing the whole experience was and we found a dream home. No pressure tactics, just friends to talk to and help walk you through the process. A complete dream team!

Kate J.

This is such a great idea and very helpful for those people that have never lived in the suburbs! We were able to really nail down different ideas and find a great place that we wanted to live

Stacy P.

Sarah Roggie with Suburban Jungle was the best! My husband and I had just welcomed our first daughter into this world, and on top of that we were starting new jobs an hour apart. I wanted to move out of our one bedroom apartment but wanted to settle in a place where our daughter could grow up and make friends. It was tough with our job locations to find a place that was affordable, safe, had a good school district, was not a terrible commute, and where we could make lifelong friends. Sarah connected us with two amazing realtors. She listened, understood our unique situation and our concerns, and really worked hard to make sure our needs would be met. We landed in the perfect spot. On moving day, we had almost 10 neighbors come by with food and wine and many of them had kids our daughters age. It’s exactly what we were looking for, but I honestly wouldn’t have explored this neighborhood if it weren’t for Sarah. Can’t say enough good things about her and the experience!

Bridget M.

Allison Levine was terrific and helped us find a wonderful place to live. We are so thankful!

Lindsay D.

Allison Levine at Suburban Jungle was an incredible resource to us as we started the search for our first home purchase. We were previously transplants to NYC, and had no prior knowledge of the suburbs surrounding the city. For us, that meant we were considering 3 different states, and multiple cities in each! Allison got on the phone with us right away and was always available at the drop of a hat for a text, email, or phone call. With her extensive knowledge & perspective, she became a true partner in talking through the pros and cons of each town, each house, and each decision - all in great detail. We laughed, we cried, we had the unique advantage of Allison on our side to help us make sense of it all. Five months after our first call, we are moving into a home we are so excited about. I’d recommend checking out Suburban Jungle and asking for Allison if you are thinking of settling down in any of the NYC burbs.

Elizabeth G.

Loved working with Suburban Jungle! They really helped us identify a new area in the suburbs that we love and meets our needs!

Cynthia P.

Erika @ Suburban Jungle was SO helpful for my move-out-of-the-city process. She helped me figure out which suburbs to look in and connected me with people to meet in every place we looked. She spent multiple hours on the phone with me over the past year talking through our town and house hunt. She was nothing but helpful and I would highly recommend using Suburban Jungle to anyone trying to find the right suburb.

David K.

My wife and I used Suburban Jungle to find a home in the suburbs on a very tight timeline and we highly recommend their service. We spoke with a consultant about what we were looking for and she put us in touch with two great agents that covered different areas. Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and professional and we found a great home.

Joseph A.

Their whole team was amazing to work with. Alli is very knowledgeable and gave us great information on so many different neighborhoods. They connected us with awesome realtors who all gave us valuable advice (even if we didn't end up working with them in the long run). We're first time home buyers and they helped make the process a lot less intimidating.

Sunny R.

I used Suburban Jungle for the first time to help plan a move to a new city and had a terrific experience! My assigned staffer, Katie Cranis, was extremely helpful, supportive, responsive, and friendly! She made the process of choosing a new suburb in a new state less daunting, and she has checked in on me months later to help me through every stage in the process. Thank you to Katie and suburban jungle for this amazing free service!

Nicole H.

I am so thankful for Suburban Jungle's assistance in finding an amazing town and leading me towards the purchase of my first home. I loved the extensive PDF insights Suburban Jungle provided on NJ towns, which helped me navigate the schools, commute, and community activities with confidence. I worked with Allison, who was so attentive, kind and patient. She walked me through the home buying process over multiple calls and set me up on tours with very knowledgeable guides, put me in contact with moms in each town, and sent me very helpful articles so I could get a very clear picture of the communities I was seriously considering. I don't know how I could have done this without SJ and Allison.

Allison D.

I would highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone looking to make the move from the city to the burbs! Maya was the best! With her guidance, patience and insight we were able to learn about the tri-state suburbs. Maya made you feel like you had an educated friend helping you figure out the next chapter of your life. Throughout the process she introduced us to many amazing real estate brokers who never tried to push a town or house upon us but rather educate us on their local communities. It was a fantastic way to find the perfect place for our family. And upon picking what would be our town – we met the most wonderful real estate agent who found us our dream home! Thank you Maya and Suburban Jungle!

Lesley C.

We used the resources of Maya Konig at Suburban Jungle over the span of a few years as we narrowed down our decision. Maya was ever informative and patient as we navigated the pros and cons, and what our family really needed in relocating. From realtor referrals, to market assessments, we truly valued the service provided by Suburban Jungle. We would recommend them to anyone seeking thorough feedback on all the components one measures when making a major purchase such as a home.

Sarah W.

I was so lucky to have found Suburban Jungle. Pam was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the Bay Area. Our realtor was amazing! This area is so competitive, we actually took four house hunting trips and did a lot from a distance. In the end, our realtor found us the perfect house, we did’t even think to look at! He totally 'got us' and knew what to look for that would suit our family. Thank you!

Laura S.

We have LOVED working with Suburban Jungle!! They had fantastic insight into what areas we should consider- and ended up falling in love with a town that we hadn’t thought of before. All the realtors they introduced us to were fantastic and the town tour model of learning the areas was hugely helpful in finding our right fit. Beyond that they connected us with resources to explore our options for our kids’ schools and more, all while routinely checking in to hear how we were doing with the process, find out what our thoughts were and continuing to provide friendly, pressure-free support. We are beyond thrilled with where we’re ending up and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone even considering a move to the burbs!

Thai-Ling M.

My husband and I have thought about leaving the city a few times before, but never acted on it because of how overwhelming the thought was to us. We are not from around here, so we really didn’t know much about the best towns to explore, we just knew we wanted an easy commute to the city.
When we came across Suburban Jungle, we were intrigued by their value proposition of matching the town with our family style along with other criteria that was important to us. After we talked to Maya, we knew this is exactly what we needed to find our new hometown, and our new home. From the first time we talked, it felt like Maya just really got us, she understood our priorities and what we wanted out of the search. By the end of our first conversation she had an action plan for us. From there we started our town visits, and we quickly narrowed down our search to two towns we loved. After a few months, we found the perfect house. Maya was there through every step of the process, frequently offering helpful advice along the way. Her local agents were also very impressive, they provided information not only about the houses, but also information related to the culture of the town, the community, family life, newcomer tips, etc. They were not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but the most caring people. They truly made us feel they had our best interest at heart.
I must say that Maya and her team went above and beyond to make this process super easy and enjoyable for us. Working with Suburban Jungle was definitely the best and most important decision we made to find our dream home/hometown. I’m not sure we would be home owners right now if it wasn’t because of how efficient the process was because of them. We will be forever thankful to Suburban Jungle, Maya and her amazing team for the outstanding service they offer.

Lorenzo P.

This is a great service! How about for no money we help you find a house? And we’ll set you up with good realtors to show you around?
What’s the catch? There isn’t one!
We were first-time home buyers.
You should use Suburban Jungle.

Lorenzo P.

They are amazing. We were first-time home buyers. Suburban Jungle and Erika made this house buying process so much more accessible.

Stan U.

Suburban Jungle was fantastic every step of the way in helping my wife and I find our perfect home to buy.
They helped us focus on towns we’d love to live in and sent very useful information along the way regarding town details and upcoming events.
Even though we were about a year off from putting in any offers, everyone from Suburban Jungle was a pleasure to work with along the way.
And once we were ready to put in offers, our realtor was there every step of the way. In the end, she connected us with a home that was not even on our radar and our offer was accepted. We closed a couple of days ago and will move in later this month!

Adriana S.

Unlike a realtor, suburban jungle will match you with the place (town) and then find you the space (home)! I had been “looking” with an independent realtor for months without making any meaningful progress before a friend introduced me to Suburban Jungle. Within days I had eliminated towns that didn’t match my needs and had narrowed my search. Despite narrowing the search, the agent recommended by suburban jungle found many homes for me to see and now I’m waiting to place an offer. It hasn’t even been 3 weeks yet! I highly recommend suburban jungle!

Mike J.

We really appreciated the insight from Pamela Goldman, the Head Strategist at Suburban Jungle, for the San Francisco Bay Area. The service is very interesting and unique, as the staff aim to understand your interests and goals for a home and attempts to match you with a specific few regions, some of which you may not already be familiar with. This work all happens before you engage a real estate agent, which is optional after the initial (and, amazingly, free and with no strings-attached) “neighborhood match” service.
We found Pamela to be especially personable, helpful, encouraging, and full of great ideas as we started our home search. We felt her insight was excellent and that she was a wonderful person to discuss our goals with.

Michelle T.

Robin Hoberman at Suburban Jungle was an amazing resource when we began our initial search for homes outside NYC. She was always available to answer our questions about the different towns and how they all compared and ultimately connected us with the best broker in the town where we found our forever home. Robin continued to follow up with for a year after we found our home to make sure we are getting acquainted and to see if there is anything she can do to help make the transition to suburbia as smooth as possible. Suburban Jungle was instrumental in making our hunt for our dream home less overwhelming and we are forever grateful to Robin and Suburban Jungle.

Allison G.

Working with Alli Levine at Suburban Jungle was such an enjoyable experience! It was like having a supportive friend in your corner at all times during one of the biggest chapters of your life. Alli listened to our hopes, wishes, and desires for what we were looking for in a town and compiled a list of possible towns that would interest us. Alli hit the nail on the head with the towns she suggested for us. We toured many of them before deciding on where we wanted to focus our house hunt, but we honestly could see ourselves living in several of the towns we toured. Every agent Alli connected us with in each town was top-notch; they were all knowledgeable, experienced, and relatable! Throughout the process, Alli offered us advice and suggestions while allowing us to bounce ideas/thoughts off of her (at times she was even like a therapist)! She made herself available to talk with us at all times and was always in our corner. My best piece of advice is to use suburban jungle because why wouldn’t you? It’s a free resource with knowledgeable, helpful people looking to help YOU find the perfect town for YOU! We were open-minded during the entire process, and truly took advantage of all that suburban jungle had to offer, and I highly recommend everyone to use them!

Claire W.

We worked with Patti Natiss. She was wonderful. She was very knowledgable and patient. We were moving from another state and on a tight timeline and she helped us plan out each visit so we could maximize our time and find the right town for our family. Suburban Jungle uses a unique concept where finding the right town comes before finding the right home. We ended up in a great place and are so happy we were able to work with Patti and her team of realtors to gain insight into multiple areas and then work to narrow it down till we were satisfied. I can't recommend this process enough. Especially if, like us, you are very unfamiliar with the different suburbs. Thank you Patti!

Shaun S.

I can’t say enough about this service! We wanted to make the move to the suburbs with our small children after living in NYC for nearly 13 years yet we had no idea on where to even begin. Our priorities were decent schools, a commute to the city which was not terrible as we both will continue to work there, and a very modest budget for the surrounding areas. On top of that we wishing for more space both indoors and outdoors for our kids, while finding a community that we felt we could be a part of. We thought maybe we had set our hopes a little to high.
After an initial conversation with Erika, she and her team sent us a few recommendations for areas to check out, got us in touch with some fantastic realtors, and locals who lived in those communities who have made similar moves. She routinely checked in after we had any meetings, visited a town, or looked at a house, and adjusted our search and recommendations based on feedback. To be honest, at times it was discouraging, but Erika hung with us and told us not to worry, that the right disruption would prevent itself, as she continued to refine our search with us.
We finally found a town that had the perfect balance of what we were looking for, and happen to find a house that pretty much checked all the boxes. We are closing on the house in a few weeks.
To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about using this service at first, but I really don’t know how we would have done it without them. I never felt pressured or that I was being sold to. In fact, I was urged to wait to find something that we’d be more happy with rather than settling. Because the buyer isn’t paying for the service, I feel they really want you to be happy. In fact, I got the feeling that they genuinely enjoy helping people make this transition and want clients to be successful. They were always honest about both pros and cons and the people they got us in touch with were so helpful. They also do such a great job of sending you information about prospective areas.
If you are looking to make that move but don’t know exactly where to start, I’d highly recommend checking out suburban jungle.

Winston L.

Allison and her team were able to put us in touch with a local realtor who not only knew the area but actually lived there! Our realtor was awesome and incredibly knowledgeable. She referred us to our real estate lawyer as well as a mortgage broker. From start to finish we had a very smooth process that was detailed, clearly outlined, and without any headaches. We have heard horror stories about the home buying process, we had an amazing time getting to know everyone involved in purchasing our home and will be recommending Allison and her team from Suburban Jungle every time. Thanks again.

Lindsey H.

Suburban Jungle is 100% the reason we now own our first home. I first came across SJ as an ad on Facebook and when I explored the website and realized it was free to me, I thought, “why not”? I was immediately connected with Barbara, and after she got to know me and my family, she recommended some places for us to look. She was super patient with me, answering all questions timely and thoroughly. I am FOREVER indebted to SJ for helping us navigate our city and find the perfect spot. 10/10 recommend!

Jessica S.

I've been trying out this great resource, Suburban Jungle. So far they have been fantastic. They help you navigate the area you are relocating to, and narrow down your search to a few towns. I love the realtor that they set us up with!

Marina G.

We worked with Pam Goldman in SF who was absolutely great. She helped us narrow down our search and connected us with great local families that provided information on the areas we were considering. Pam was on top of our search and really responsive when we decided to change the location of our search. Highly recommend.

Allison S.

Patti, It was such a pleasure speaking to you - you are a breath of fresh air in this business. And I think the work you are doing is so important / critical - and most people don’t even know it.

Elizabeth D.

Super helpful service! They make the suburb choice, and home buying process seamless!

Amy B.

Patti, I just wanted to say thank you for our call! You were so insightful and everything you said really resonated and hit on all the discussions we’ve been having together. That call was more productive than the many, many hours we have spent over the last several years trying to navigate ourselves. We really felt so much more informed after speaking to you.

Beatrice N.

I cannot say enough good things about Suburban Jungle! My husband and I are moving to Boston from a small town in Michigan and I was feeling overwhelmed by the process of finding the right town for our family. We had 2 one hour consultations with Barbara and it changed the whole move experience for me. It was so refreshing to talk to a real local who was deeply knowledgeable about all the towns and able to give the “insider” perspective that you just can't get through data driven town rankings. She also connected us with a fabulous real estate agent who has been amazing to work with. We just bought a home in the town Barbara recommended and spent this past weekend falling in love with the community. She totally nailed it - this town is the perfect fit for us.

Deborah D.

Maya spent over an hour on the phone with me and my husband helping us figure out which towns would be the best fit and price point. Then, Suburban Jungle referred us to local realtors who really knew those towns. We had previously worked (for 1 day) with someone who really didn't know the area and were so impressed by the local knowledge of these realtors who knew the ins and outs of each town. I've already recommended SJ to friends and will continue to do so.

Zeke R.

TRAVEL AGENTS OF THE SUBURBS - if you've ever used a travel agent, a good one at least, you know how valuable they are. They take the headache out of managing your travel or move.
My wife and I have been NYC residents for 10 years. We are transplants from Arkansas so we have zero knowledge about the towns and communities surrounding the city. Yes, we have visited towns here and there but never with intention of moving to these towns or raising our family in these communities. Usually, it was for day parties; so we drove to the house and back to the city.
However, my wife and I have 2 children under 2, so we are outgrowing the hamster cages that are NYC apartments. With no friends or family in this area to educate us on where to go; CT, NJ, NY etc, we found ourselves stumped on how to begin narrowing our focus. THERE ARE OVER 600 SUBURBAN TOWNS!
Enter Suburban Jungle! While researching towns, schools, neighborhoods, homes, condos, apartments, public transit, taxes, cars...the list keeps growing...WE FOUND SUBURBAN JUNGLE!
At first, I was hesitant.
They call you discuss your budget, interests and must haves both out of a home and out of a community. Then they connect you with people in the communities that have inventory that matches your needs. They send you on town tours first...
WTF IS A TOWN TOUR? I thought the same.
It's just a nice day with a nice person who's trying to get your business showing you the towns they represent. NO CATCH. You get to choose who you work with and what community you want to see. My wife and I connected with an agent in our first community immediately and we ended up purchasing a home with her.
THE WHOLE PROCESS TOOK US ONLY 6 WEEKS...but we did see 10 towns across NJ, CT and NY with 4 or 5 different agents. I think we saw 20 homes total. We ultimately circled back to the community and agent we saw on day one.
THE TEAMS THEY CONNECT YOU WITH IN OUR EXPERIENCE HAVE BEEN TRULY A DREAM TEAM. VERY TRANSPARENT, PERSONABLE, ACCESSIBLE AND HELPFUL. We are first time buyers so transparency and hand holding was necessary and comforting, and we never felt anyone was taking advantage which is a paranoia as a first time buyer.
After we chose our town and agent Suburban Jungle stayed in contact and just provided support which we are/were so grateful for. They emailed us weekend happening on our new community as well as detailed information about our community.

Pablo B.

We had such a difficult time identifying where to go live in the NJ/NY area when we relocated from Boston. After months of struggle, I am so glad we connected with Suburban Jungle. Robin Hoberman was amazing and not only did we find our place, we got hooked up with AMAZING real estate agents. Life changing!! Thank you guys!!

Kathryn D.

Suburban Jungle is an extremely helpful service in identifying suburbs that match your lifestyle and preferences. Starting the process seemed daunting as I had a wide range of areas I wanted to explore. Suburban Jungle provided me with the information and local realtor contacts I needed to narrow this down. The realtor who I purchased my home through, that Suburban Jungle connected me to, was exceptional. I'm grateful to Suburban Jungle for excellent customer service and continued communication about events/news in my town.

Scott P.

My wife and I finally decided to branch out of Jersey City and give the single family home a try. Both of us not knowing anything about the surrounding towns we decided to use Suburban Jungle and it was the best decision we could’ve made.
The idea of driving from town to town aimlessly to try and learn about an area was daunting. We reached out to Suburban Jungle and matched with Alli who guided us in a few directions based on what we wanted out of the town. It was a great process of visiting each location and then finally landing on the one we fell in love with.
The best part of the experience was talking with Alli’s contacts in a specific area to really get a feel of who is living here. We have even made a few friends in the town we are moving too based on this experience.
I just wanted to say thanks to Alli for sticking with us and giving us the support we needed when it looked like we may have to extend our lease but were able to find a home in the 11th hour!
I would highly recommend this service and Alli!

Cassandra F.

Suburban Jungle was an invaluable service for my husband and I as we were looking to move out of Brooklyn and into a town within commuting distance of the city, but were overwhelmed by all the options: New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut??! SJ works in a cool way because they interview you and then set you up with realtors in various towns/cities based on what you're looking for, and you meet with each realtor, like speed dating. And all the while there's a representative (Erika Ades in our case, who's great) who works with you and checks on your progress, and I imagine who also helps manage the various realtors as we weren't bombarded by a ton of follow-up from the people we had met with in towns that weren't right for us. After a number of meetings we finally settled on the perfect city for us and are very happy. Highly recommend Suburban Jungle if you need some help figuring out your next move!

David H.

Suburban Jungle and our rep Erika Ades helped do the impossible, find a suburb that after 15yrs of living in Brooklyn that feels like home.

Colin B.

Knowledgeable and attentive. Excellent adjunct to have on your side as you navigate the housing market.

Laura T.

We had a great experience working with Heather Jagher in Chicago. She was nice, professional, and knowledgeable. The suburb recommendations she put together were a good match for our needs. We actually wound up falling in love with a specific house we saw online and when we reached out to Heather about it, she got us set up with a fantastic local realtor within minutes and we were able to see the house the next day (and eventually buy it!) Everyone we met through SJ was friendly and responsive without being pushy. Definitely recommend!

Jessica M.

They are super helpful and not pushy at all. I found them integral in my search for a new hometown for my family of 5!

Jessica M.

They were our first step in choosing a new town in our leap from Manhattan to the suburbs. Honestly, I don't know how I would have gone about it without their guidance. It is an overwhelming process to leave the city after 20 years and Suburban Jungle really helped make it manageable. Definitely use them if you are considering a move!

Elizabeth D.

Like so many people, my family decided to start thinking about making the move out of the big city into the suburbs. We were constantly having the conversation about 'where' and we were doing endless hours of research, until we had heard about Suburban Jungle.
After one conversation with Robin, we already had SO much more direction than we had before. Robin really listened to what we were looking for and in less than 24 hours, came back to us with a narrowed down list of places to start looking, information on each place, and assigned real estate agents to set up town tours. Throughout the entire process, Robin made herself available and shared in our excitement every step of the way.
Not even a year later, we found a home that we love in an area that we didn't even know about before Suburban Jungle. Big thanks to Robin and the Suburban Jungle team!!

Michael M.

Allison and her team are truly A+. My wife and I were looking to move from the city and into the suburbs. We were set up with a team of different realtors that were specific to the towns we were interested in. The local knowledge of each of the realtors was exceptional from top to bottom. After some viewings we were fortunate enough to narrow down our search to about two towns. We eventually found a place that we liked and place an offer. We are so thankful to Allison, and her team. They are the best.

Lee G.

We heard about Suburban Jungle from a friend of a friend during a birthday party. From the second we reached out, Heather and the team has been incredible. They provided us with information about every community we were looking at, gave some fantastic advice and opinions about which areas were family friendly and put us in touch with THE BEST realtors. It was a long process to find a home and both Suburban Jungle and our realtors were there every step of the way. This is an incredible service that everyone should know about.

Jennifer Z.

Pamela and her team were amazing. We all know the stress of figuring out where to raise our kids in this crazy expensive but amazing Bay Area. She spent time with us finding out our hobbies passion and what towns we had for options within our budget. She connected us with moms in the towns, agents in the towns to get us looking in the right area with local people who know the scene. Highly recommend you start your search with Suburban Jungle’s Pamela to find the perfect place that suits your life!

Sara D.

Suburban Jungle is an amazing service! There is no catch. They help you find the perfect town for you and your family, connect you with wonderful real estate agents, and are there for you every step of the way. I 100% recommend this service for anyone looking to move outside of NYC. I worked with Allison Levine from Suburban Jungle who was awesome!!!

Julie P.

My husband and I worked with Allison Levine for several months and are thrilled to say we are now under contract for our dream house in a wonderful town! We never would have ended up here on our own without going through the Suburban Jungle town search process, and are so glad we made that first phone call to Allison. As first-time home buyers who are used to that 1-bedroom urban life, we felt lost and nervous about figuring out where we could settle down, and Allison was so great in making town recommendations, setting us up with local realtors (including our current agent, who is the epitome of professionalism and a dream to work with), and keeping us on track. She was insightful, communicative, and helpful throughout. Thank you, Allison!

Jonathan S.

Patti made a daunting process not only painless, but enjoyable. My wife and I were planning to leave NYC for the suburbs, but had no clue what town (or state for that matter) would be the right one for us. Patti took the time to learn about our backgrounds, interests, and likes/dislikes to help us narrow down our search to a few select locations that would be the best fit. She then put us in touch with the best agents in each town for community tours and home showings. Throughout the process, Patti followed up to ensure that we were being well taken care of and to help us think through tough decisions. It’s rare to meet someone who genuinely cares about your best interests and invests the time to learn what’s most important to you, but we were lucky to have found that in Patti. We would highly recommend that anyone considering a move work with Patti!

Karen M.

Suburban Jungle is a phenomenal service made even more fabulous by the people with a laser focus on the customer. Right from the beginning, Barbara made us feel comfortable and allowed us to be transparent and free with our journey to find our next family home. She provided great insight and perspective and linked us into amazing agents in each of the towns. I have recommended the service to family, friends and colleagues and never felt any pressure throughout the entire experience.

Scott A.

Suburban Jungle was just what my family and I needed as we began thinking about moving out of the city and into the suburbs. Barbara helped us crystalize our thoughts about what exactly we needed (train access to the city, access to the highway for my job, a town center, etc.) and then was incredibly helpful in narrowing our search. Once we had narrowed our search to a few, very different, suburbs she put us in touch with current residents so we could learn more in depth about each. Finally she put us in touch with a knowledgeable realtor who had grown up in the neighborhood and was fantastic throughout the process. We ended up in the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood! Highly recommend utilizing Suburban Jungle no matter where you are in the buying process, or even just thinking about it!

Dayo H.

As longtime Brooklyn residents who were hesitant to take the leap outside of the city, Suburban Jungle really provided a great view into many suburban options. Our consultant Maya was not only knowledgeable but really tuned into our priorities, wants and even a few anxieties, sharing with us great areas that suited our needs. She connected us to great agents, one who ultimately became our realtor/advocate guiding us through a complicated but ultimately rewarding process of buying our dream home. I would highly recommend using Suburban Jungle to anyone considering making the move from city. They have a well of experience and knowledge (personally and professionally) and really take the personal care, no-pressure approach to make sure you find the right fit for you and your family.

Meghan L.

We just moved here from Southern CA and I inadvertently found Suburban Jungle. IT SAVED ME! Erica Tuscano was fabulous. She helped me narrow down neighborhoods, schools, and even connected me with my amazing realtor. I’m promoting this only because it really truly helped me. PM me if you’d like. It was such a lifesaver! (Ps. We ended up in McKinney and we just love it)

Julie H.

I was so glad to have found Suburban Jungle—I couldn’t believe such a service existed and that it was free! From my first phone call with Erica in Dallas she was attentive, insightful, down to earth, and very knowledgeable. She listened to our needs, checked in with us regularly, and offered great suggestions in our price range and location. The realtor she suggested was also wonderful and worked well with us. I would definitely recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone who feels lost in a metropolis!

Kara L.

We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle to find the right neighborhood and agent to work with. Maya and team were able to get incredibly detailed on anything you might want to know about an area you feel you're familiar with or have never heard of based on just a few conversations, and were so supportive and helpful along the way.

Avery G.

I had a FANTASTIC experience with Sarah Roggie, who represents the Washington, DC region. From the first phone call, to this day, she has been incredibly helpful in shaping our transition to the DMV. Sarah has always gone above and beyond to help answer my questions - she has extensive knowledge of the DC area and is very generous in sharing it! I truly felt like she took the time to understand my family's priorities and goals, and her recommendations were on point! The Suburban Jungle experience was amazing and I highly recommend connecting with this service - the guidance, support, and expertise are THE BEST! Thank you to Sarah!!!!! xoxoxox

Natalie D.

Fantastic service and results. We had a particularly challenging ask. After not finding the home we were looking for (through no fault of Suburban Jungle’s), we decided to buy a piece of property and build. The process was lengthy and complicated. Erika and our realtor David were diligent, tenacious, and were a pleasure to work with. Ultimately we got exactly what we wanted.

Sarah F.

What a great service! We first heard about Suburban Jungle from some moms in our neighborhood in the City, and it lived up to all the rave reviews... Patti spent 90 minutes during our initial consultation getting to know me and my husband, our lifestyle, our hopes for a place in the suburbs. Then she introduced us right away to a realtor who specializes in the suburbs we were interested in. That realtor proved to be amazing - so knowledgeable, kind, funny, and honest - and we ended up with exactly the home we had hoped for. Patti was always there for follow-up questions as we considered additional suburbs. We're so grateful for her guidance and recommendations, and so happy with how it all turned out!

Megan P.

We had such an amazing experience from start to finish when working with Robin from Suburban Jungle! We were hesitant on whether leaving the city was the right move for our family after 14 years there, and she helped every step of the way. The first town she mentioned may be a good match ended up being the town we picked and are so so happy here! Thank you Robin and Suburban Jungle!!!

Melanie N.

We had a wonderful experience as out of towners house hunting. Sarah was able to match us with agents that not only understood our needs as a family but understood the limitations we had being remote. She also continued to follow up post closing with additional insight on schools and activities. Highly recommend if you are moving to the area.

Katie K.

We had such a wonderful experience working with Pam in San Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I were exploring a possible move to a suburb in the Bay Area, after being in the city proper for the last 10 years. We thought we knew the area well after living here for so long, and we'd been eyeing a couple of towns in particular, but after talking with Pam we realized there were some great options we hadn't considered and weren't that familiar with, even after 10 years in the area. She really opened our eyes to other possibilities and got us focused on what's important to us.

Allison R.

I remember driving into one of the three towns Erika had suggested we target before we had even seen a single house, and just knowing this was our place. The consultants at this company make what really can be an overwhelming process so much simpler by helping you edit your search - and they are extremely knowledgeable about the suburbs of NYC. And they can work with people who aren't just looking for good schools - my husband and I have dogs, not kids - we wanted land and privacy, but we didn't even realize that until we spent time talking to Erika. We didn't want to replicate our city experience but rather find a home that suited our other needs. The people here really listen to you with a lot of empathy and skill. And did I mention it's free?


We had a superb experience working with Erika in NY! After a couple of years of hemming and hawing about leaving NYC for the suburbs and seeing an article in the NYTimes highlighting Suburban Jungle, we decided to engage their services and we are so glad we did. We had a couple of honest and in-depth conversations with Erika regarding towns and the follow-up information she forwarded along to us was incredibly helpful. As our house search continued, Erika was always checking in, making sure we were still on track and heading in the right direction for our housing and neighborhood goals. Suburban Jungle made looking for a house and new neighborhood incredibly easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Maria & Max K.

Thank you for all of your support and guidance on our home-buying journey. We were so lucky to have you, our brokers and the Suburban Jungle team - we wouldn't be where we are without your help. Can't wait to start a new chapter of our lives in our beautiful new home. Thank you again!

Eileen R.

Moving to an area we knew little about and had no friends or family the team at Suburban Jungle worked very closely with us to find a town that would be a good fit and a home that we would be happy with. They were honest and direct with answers about our budget, the different town vibes, schools and commute and perhaps most importantly they were always available. Leaving New York City was a tough decision but we couldn't be more pleased with where we have ended up. Can't recommend them enough!

Justin F.

We would absolutely recommend Suburban Jungle to any young couple looking to buy a home. While assuredly most helpful for those who are searching for the right location to buy a home without any existing preference or connection to an area, Suburban Jungle would be just as valuable for those who already have a particular suburb in mind. All home buyers should be seeking to conduct proper due diligence on the area they initially considered for their home, inclusive of benchmarking their first choice against comparable alternatives that also fit many of their same criteria. Suburban Jungle provides the expertise and experience, as well as direct connections with trained and vetted local real estate professionals, to accomplish this and ultimately help ensure you make the most sensible and rewarding choice, from the right set of narrowed options, for a first home.

Katelyn R.

We can't say enough positive things about Suburban Jungle and our strategist, Erika! She helped us navigate the very overwhelming process of moving from Brooklyn to Montclair with kindness, patience, and support. She put in substantial time and effort and never failed to follow up or check in to see how our search was progressing. Suburban Jungle connected us with great local agents across numerous suburban regions around New York City, who each graciously took us on tours of the various towns we might consider. From the initial interview and survey of our interests through the closing, Erika was there every step of the way, making a totally daunting process straight forward and, actually manageable. We never felt pressured, only supported in every way to find the best town for our family, and we feel confident we did. We highly recommend Suburban Jungle for anyone deciding to move out of NYC to the surrounding suburbs, especially if you have no clue where to begin.

Diksha M.

We knew we were ready to leave the city, but knew nothing about the surrounding towns. Patti helped us articulate our criteria in terms of what was important to us, and then identified towns for us to explore which fit these criteria. I really embraced her find the right town first, house second philosophy. It was also interesting to see how right she was about the towns she suggested for us, and we appreciated the quality of the agents we were matched up with in the different towns. We've now been in our new home for 2 months, and are forever grateful to Suburban Jungle for guiding us through this process so smoothly!!

Lauren A.

I really appreciated the help Suburban Jungle was able to provide as we navigated the move from the city to the suburbs. The agents were all really solid, and Patti was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. Definitely recommend.

Carla K.

I am so happy we worked with Suburban Jungle. Several years ago, I reached out and had some initial calls with Patti. I was hesitant about moving out of NYC, and she was very supportive in discussing my family's wants and needs. She suggested a few towns for us to keep on our radar. We decided we weren't ready at the time to make the big move, but Patti kept in touch a couple times a year. She wasn't pushy at all - she'd just send a quick email to say hi and let me know she was there if and when the time came for us to revisit suburb search. Then the time came when we really wanted to move to NJ, and Patti was there for us. She spoke to my husband and me about what we were looking for in a town, and she had considerations that we had not even thought about. In the end, she suggested we focus on 4 towns and set us up with realtors to take town tours. From there, we quickly fell in love with a particular town (the one Patti had ranked as our number one, just from speaking to us on the phone!) and a particular realtor (the one Patti had set us up with). And before we knew it, we found and closed on our dream home in our dream town. We're so thankful to Patti and Suburban Jungle for helping us navigate the huge decision to leave NYC. It's not an easy choice, but they're there to help you figure out what's best for you and your family and to make you excited about the change. I highly recommend working with them!

Sara R.

Amazing!! We wouldn't have found our town or home without Suburban Jungle. Patti and her agents are patient, thoughtful, honest and provide sound guidance during a very stressful time. We were starting from scratch looking at towns outside of NYC and we found the perfect spot for our family thanks to them. Thank you!!

Todd K.

We had a great experience working with Suburban Jungle. Patti asked the right questions, was incredibly responsive and thoughtful and took the time to really help us figure out the right town for us. We would highly recommend her.

Tom B.

My wife saw an article talking about town shopping opposed to house shopping and it completely flipped how we were thinking about buying a house. We talked to Maya and her team for over 90 minutes going over top things we want and did not want and she sent us multiple options. After narrowing it down to 3-4 towns we were set up with multiple real estate agents that really were grade A and eventually found the house and town that we wanted. Great service and we already have recommended them to our friends.

Matthias L.

Moving from Manhattan to the suburbs was intimidating. Suburban Jungle was great, because it is a free service which advises you what towns best fit your lifestyle. I didn't grow up in the area and thought all suburbs are similar which they are not. The service was absolutely invaluable to me and made the transition much more comfortable.

Tuan T.

To say we were lost is a bit of an understatement. My wife and I relocated from Brooklyn after over a decade (several moves to different 800 sq ft apts, oh and a year in LA and 14 months in DC). During our stint in DC we missed our jobs and our friends but didn't want to return to NYC. So we explored a few areas outside the city in NJ and NY on our own and we weren't satisfied. We came across some articles about Suburban Jungle and thought their services were just what we needed!!! After many thorough conversations with Maya (which included anything and everything from property taxes to train stations and schools) she recommended CT! Having spent basically zero time there we would never have thought about it - BUT we can now say we are proud residents and couldn't be more happy thanks to Maya and our amazing real estate agent Carrie who Maya connected us with. From start to finish (which included buying our first home!) the experience was smooth, informative and actually fun, go figure! Moving is never easy and when you have a family and children there are so many more things to consider. Suburban Jungle was a fantastic experience and we couldn't recommend it more!

Barrie D

My husband and I recently used Patti from The Suburban Jungle to pick the right town to move to from the city. Patti was very helpful and patient with us. She followed up with me regularly, talked us through the process of buying and gave us advice about which towns were right for us. Without Patti we would not have found the town we are moving to. We can't recommend her enough.

Rebecca D

Cannot tell you how helpful Pamela in the San Francisco Bay Area office has been for us and our pending move. Having never been to the suburbs of SF before, it was a daunting prospect and no amount of googling is as helpful as speaking to someone who lives there. Pamela was full of useful information and their downloadable packs on the various suburbs were great. Pamela had advice on everything from commutes, to schools, to useful websites. I can't explain how reassuring it is to have someone on the ground, with children, who understands what we're embarking on. THANK YOU!

Christina S.

We couldn't have done it without Suburban Jungle. Maya was incredible in helping us sift through all of the possibilities and Katy was invaluable in navigating the market in Pelham.

Diana V.

I had a fantastic experience working with Maya and the NY team, we found our dream home in a great town! I had been doing my own research on Westchester towns for a year and was so overwhelmed with the choices that it was a relief to talk to professionals. They gave me great advice and perspective that I felt I could trust because Maya and the real estate agents all lived locally and understood what I was looking for. We were able to narrow down the list to a few towns that matched our priorities and the town tours were useful in getting a feel for each place. By the time we started looking at houses we were able to make an offer very quickly because we had already gotten answers to all our questions. Maya checked in all throughout the process and always made herself available. I would highly recommend Suburban Jungle to anyone looking to move!

Jessica K.

My husband and I worked with Suburban Jungle starting Fall 2017 when we decided to move from Philadelphia to the New York suburbs to be closer to family. Our location consultant was extremely helpful in listening to our needs and narrowing down a list of towns to check out. We then worked with three realtors through Suburban Jungle for tours of the towns we were interested in. The process was easy and communication always clear. As luck would have it, we found a home in the town that was our favorite and we are moving this summer. Would recommend this service to anyone moving from city and cannot decide where they want to settle down.

Jess M

Great, smart group that really has its eyes and ears outside the city, helping to make your move successful.

Mojgan J.

Suburban Jungle is an incredible resource!!! There is no way that our family of five would have been able to make the move out of San Francisco Bay Area to the suburbs without their guidance and support. Pam, our lead strategist, was the utmost professional and she really advocated for our best interest and set us up with realtors in different regions, connected me with moms from various areas, and was so available and supportive through the process. I can’t sing the praises of this company enough!!! Thank you to Pam and her amazing team!! We are forever grateful.

Jason P.

We lived in NY for 10 years and when we decided it was time to buy a home, we had no idea where to go. Not only did Suburban Realty show us great options, we met others that were in the same boat we were. Moving out of the city didn't feel some intimidating, and let's be honest, depressing, as it originally seemed. Thank you Suburban Realty crew!

Amanda B.

We enjoyed talking with Sarah. She was friendly and easy to talk to, and we learned a lot. We are anxious about our move back to the US and look forward to working with her to find our home.

Sara R.

Suburban Jungle was so helpful to us as we contemplated a move out of Chicago. They spent so much time listening to our concerns and helped us find a suburb that is a great fit. They also set us up with a phenomenal realtor and connected us with other community resources that were really valuable.

Molly P.

The Chicagoland Suburban Jungle Realty team was great to work with. Heather was so friendly and informative as we started our housing search. Everything about the different areas was laid out in one place which made it much easier for us to compare and contrast seemingly indistinguishable communities.

Sonal P.

I would definitely use Heather in the future. She was able to put in touch with the right people to give us the peace of mind we were looking for when it came to buying a home. We were finding homes but the community information was missing. This was huge as we have 2 toddlers and schools were a big concern. they were able to help us gain the confidence we needed to finally take the plunge.

Kim L.

Suburban Jungle was an absolutely essential piece to our family finding the right place to call home. Our strategist, Pam, provided an incredible amount of information in an objective way that really allowed us to form our own opinions while being armed with the information we needed to make the right decision. We had limited to no knowledge of Bay Area towns outside of SF, and Pam's help allowed us to find the perfect fit for our family. They also connected us to an incredible realtor who we enjoyed working with immensely. I cannot recommend SJ enough!

Temi A.