The Surprising Things We Fell in Love With in the Suburbs

Feb 14, 2024

These Suburban Jungle clients made the leap – and share what they love most about their new towns!

It’s Valentine’s Day – and what better day to celebrate what we love about living in the ‘burbs. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve rounded up some recent clients to share their take on life after the city, including the outdoor adventures, food, and other suburban perks they can’t get enough of. Read on to see why these newly-minted suburbanites are thrilled to be settled in their new communities. 

The Suburbs Have it All

“My six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter loved playing in the snow this winter, and at the beach all summer. You don’t get anything like that where we were in Arizona! One day my son leaned in and said, ‘I’m so glad we moved here.’” To hear that and to see what our kids are experiencing has been the icing on the cake.”

Maria Leshner, Medfield MA

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“Merrick has everything we wanted. Strong local schools, an easy commute to the city, a thriving community, plenty of retail, and a Trader Joe’s. Plus, we got a lot more for our investment than we would have in some of the other towns we toured. It wound up being an easy decision.”

Michael Gertner, Merrick NY

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Finding the Right Community

“The school secretary called before the first day and said how excited everyone was to meet us. She also helped our son get set up with a buddy — they met before the first day and played. It was a great feeling knowing he had a friend going in — someone to show him the ropes. It’s just one of the reasons we love it here. Really, we hit the suburban jackpot.”

Keara Tanella, Fairchild CT

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“My whole block is people from New York. We felt at home immediately. It’s like living in the sixth borough.”

Nerissa Holder Hall, Boca Raton FL

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“The instant community was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t something we were expecting when we moved here.” 

Mayo Dickson, Basking Ridge NJ

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“The ease of life, I think, is what we really like about it. Things get harder when you’re raising kids in the city. It’s nice to have it a little more calm and quiet.”

Craig Jacobs, Rye Brook NY

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There’s Lots to Do!

“We got very lucky — we have so many kids that live right around us. And when it’s warm, we’re so close to Jones Beach and the community pools and parks. We’re so excited for summer!”

Kelly Restagno, Wantagh NY

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“They have a lot of community events…It seemed more small-town oriented, which reminded us of home,” Karen says. “It felt like a good fit, right away. Wellington is known for its equestrian scene. And it’s been a lot of fun to check that out, too!”

Karen Means, Wellington FL

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“There are so many great things for kids and families right in town. We go to these botanical gardens which are close by, we go to all these hiking places, and there’s the Discovery Museum. There’s just so much to do.”

Kate, Shrewsbury MA

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“We didn’t realize how much easier life would be with more space. Now we have different play areas and zones or can go from the backyard to the front. It’s so easy to keep everyone entertained.”

Lauren Zucker, Fair Lawn, NJ

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Did We Mention the Food?

“We already found a great brunch spot. Plus, we have a lot more space, including an actual guestroom for when friends and family visit.”

Sean, South Orange NJ

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“Larchmont has so many great restaurants. There’s a terrific taco place, Italian restaurant, and a new ramen spot just opened. There are multiple coffee shops, including a Blue Stone Lane, and even an old school dive for wings and burgers.”

Eleanor Johnson, Suburban Jungle Strategist – and former client!

Larchmont NY

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“I really like that everything is super easy to get to here. It’s surprising because we’re not in downtown Stamford where there are tons of restaurants but I’m still able to drive a few minutes and get to a really cute country market.”

Alana Kogan, Stamford CT

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The Great (Suburban) Outdoors

“We’re loving suburb life – just being able to go outside and smell fresh-cut grass is huge! We have a backyard and tons of indoor and outdoor space for our son to play. It’s amazing. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. We’d be out walking, and everyone would wave and say, ‘hi.’ We loved it immediately and are so, so happy we landed here.” 

Sarah Mark-Fichera, Rockville Centre NY

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“We love it here. We love being in the sunshine, especially after living in Seattle for so many years. It’s nice to be able to take the babies in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood…anytime.”

Fernanda, Boca Raton FL

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“We feel so happy. And the dogs love having a big backyard to run around in. Now, though, we’re ready to get out and start meeting people and getting out in the community. We’ve just been so in love with our house that we just haven’t left it!”

Lauren, Duxbury MA

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“We love the town and our neighbors are great. We’ve even gone into Boston a few times, and it’s easy to get in. Even our dog loves it. He loves doing nature walks in the preserve — which is right next to us. We’re thrilled.”

Sarah Aspinwall, Natick MA

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“We can still walk to restaurants and coffee shops. We walk to the preschools. There’s also a real neighborhood feel — you can walk to a neighbor’s house, and the kids can walk to school together. It’s been great.”

Kristin Rowe, Pelham NY

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